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Some Advice for You ‘Incel’ Losers

Posted on | May 3, 2018 | Comments Off on Some Advice for You ‘Incel’ Losers


Never give your enemy a reason to celebrate. Nothing gives a feminist more sadistic pleasure than making fun of guys who can’t get laid. For a bunch of pathetic losers to organize a “movement” on the basis of their inability to get laid is, to put it as mildly as possible, not helpful.

When that autistic Canadian plowed down more than 20 people, killing 10 of them, on a Toronto sidewalk last month, it inspired dozens of columns by feminists who seized upon the loser’s pre-massacre Facebook post: “The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!”

How about not doing stuff like that? Because, as I say, it’s not helpful.

The autistic Canadian apparently didn’t expect to survive his rental-van rampage and, when a police officer confronted him, the loser was captured on video begging: “Shoot me in the head!”

Whenever we see a story about a mass-murder rampage that ends with suicide — the Columbine massacre, for example — the obvious question occurs: “Why mass murder? Why not just kill yourself first?”

It’s the go-out-in-a-blaze-of-glory revenge fantasy.

The loser considers himself a victim. He feels humiliated by his insignificance, and he wants to die in a way that will “make news.” So, rather than jumping off a bridge or swallowing a bottle of sleeping pills, the suicidal loser rents a van and runs over random people because, in his warped mind, this will avenge the wrongs he feels he has suffered.

Except, of course, these random people had nothing to do with why the autistic Canadian couldn’t get laid, and the same thing can be said for every other “involuntary celibate” loser on Reddit. The only person to blame for your problems is you. It’s not the fault of Sohe Chung, the 22-year-old student who was the youngest victim of last month’s Toronto rampage, nor was it the fault of Betty Forsyth, 94, the oldest victim. None of the people who got run over by that addled freak had anything to do with him or his problems. So how could this be counted as “revenge”?

This is sad testimony to how pathetic you “incel” losers really are. Your revenge fantasies are as ill-conceived as all your other fantasies.

‘Incels’ are almost always men, often young, who can’t find sexual relationships — but blame the behaviour of women for this. . . .
Incels blame feminists for having destroyed the chances of ‘ordinary’ men. The Reddit Incel group R/Incels was banned after becoming a haven for misogynist content. Articles posted to the subreddit included, ‘All women are sluts’, ‘reasons why women are the embodiment of evil’ and ‘proof that girls are nothing but trash that use men.’ . . .
‘Incels’ describe sexually active women as ‘Stacys’ who have sex with brainless ‘Chads’ — many blame feminism for their predicament. . . .
A ‘Chad’ is a sexually active ‘alpha male’ type who has sex with women — and is thus hated by ‘incels’.

Speaking as a “Chad” named Stacy, I would advise losers who actually want to solve their problem to begin by rejecting the “Alpha/Beta” categorization as useless for this project. Your problem is not Chad or Stacy, your problem is you. Unless and until you can accept the reality of your own incompetence as the cause of your failure, there is no point even giving you any further advice. You are the problem, not them.

And you know something? Confessing your own inept helplessness might be your best line. Think of yourself as a Harmless Lost Puppy, and try to convey that impression in your approach to women. Develop a way of talking that conveys a cheerful but clueless demeanor. Because every woman wants to help a Harmless Lost Puppy, right?

See, the thing is, there is no One Right Way to get laid. You can read a million blog posts at pickup artist (PUA) sites, but think about this: If those guys are really getting so much action, how come they’ve got so much time to write long lectures about how to get laid? Like, if you’re hooking up with bikini models on a regular basis, why even bother logging onto the Internet? And if your tactics are so perfect, do you really want to share your pickup secrets with the whole world? Heck, no.

My own success baffled everyone, myself included. Was I an “Alpha male”? Was I tall and muscular with a dominant personality? No, I was a akinny clown, as homely as the north end of southbound mule. But I have a few redeeming traits, and was keenly observant. The problem with losers, generally, is that they tend to get obsessively fixated on one girl (the “rifle” approach) rather than talking to every girl they meet (the “shotgun” approach), which is how you get the Law of Large Numbers working to your advantage. Also, stop being distracted by beauty. If you are a total loser, you can’t afford to be picky. Operate on the assumption that any obviously attractive girl is out of your range, and instead concentrate on finding an ugly girl who might actually like you.

Griselda Hoggface may be your only hope to avoid Darwinian extinction, and you should be nice to her. A complete loser like you should be grateful that any woman can even stand to be in the same room with you. You’re a disgusting excuse for a human being, and everybody hates you.

The basic problem with guys like “the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger” is that their self-esteem is too high. They are arrogant fools who don’t hate themselves as much as they should, and therefore fail to understand why they deserve to be rejected. Unable to accept the reality of their own pathetic condition — vile scum, deserving nothing but contempt — they engage in the exact same reversal rationalization that is the basis of feminist ideology: “I’m unhappy and nobody likes me and, because this cannot be my own fault, therefore I am a victim of oppression!”


Feminism is an anti-male hate movement, based on the belief that there are two things wrong with men:

  1. Everything men say;
  2. Everything men do.

So-called “men’s rights activists” (MRAs) make the mistake of believing feminists are actually sincere in their rhetoric about “equality.” This is rather like Chamberlain believing Hitler would be content with acquiring the Sudetenland. Feminism Is a Totalitarian Movement to Destroy Civilization as We Know It, and if there were only one male left alive on this planet, feminists would accuse him of “oppressing” them.

The good news is that most women aren’t feminists, otherwise Hillary Clinton would be president, right? Certainly the Chads of the world don’t bother kowtowing to feminist demands, and no “incel” loser should imagine he could benefit from a feminist regime of “equality.”

Feminists hate you and they want you dead. Or locked away in prison, which is where Alek Minassian will spend the rest of his miserable life.

Running over random people in downtown Toronto isn’t going to solve any problems and, as I said, never give your enemy a reason to celebrate, which is what feminists are doing in the wake of the autistic Canadian’s rampage: “See? We were right! Male violence! Misogyny!”

You idiot “incel” losers are your own worst enemies. It would be wrong for me to give you any useful advice, because if you ever got a clue, you might reproduce, and your DNA would continue polluting the gene pool. You’re a failed specimen, an error of evolution, a Darwinian mistake, and it’s probably best for you to delete your account and kill yourself.

“The Incel Rebellion has already begun!”

What a sick joke. You’re a disgrace, even by Canadian standards.



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