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News That @CNN Is Ignoring

Posted on | June 25, 2018 | 1 Comment


Today, I’m watching CNN (so you don’t have to) and they’re doing their usual wall-to-wall anti-Trump propaganda, which means that CNN viewers don’t know what’s actually happening in the real world:

On May 22, Susanna Maria Feldman went missing. It was the day after the Jewish holiday of Shavuot which celebrates G-d’s revelation of the Ten Commandments to Moses and a nation of freed slaves.
The fifth commandment is, “Honor thy father and mother.” The sixth is, “Thou shalt not murder.”
And in the German city of Mainz, whose Jewish community dates back to Roman times, a worried mother waited for the worst. Susanna had gone off with her friends. They came home. And she didn’t.
Her mother received a WhatsApp message from her daughter’s phone on the afternoon of the 22nd. “Mom, I’m not coming home. I went to Paris with my friend. Don’t look for me. I’ll come back after 2 or 3 weeks. Bye.”
According to Diana, Susanna’s mother, the message sounded nothing like her daughter. 4 hours later, the teenage girl’s phone was switched off. There was nothing more.
“I hope and pray that nothing bad has happened to her,” she posted on Facebook. “Please help me find my daughter safe again.”
The police reassured the frantic mother that her daughter had just gone off with some friends and would come back on her, but she feared the worst while the authorities stonewalled.
On June 1, she published an open letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel in which she wrote, “I feel abandoned by the German state.”
Two weeks passed.  The police searched. Dogs sniffed around but found nothing. And then someone noticed a flash of white among all that brown and green. It was the white of a clothing label.
They found her body between the railroad tracks and Autobahn 66. The killer had stashed the girl under a bush and covered her over with twigs to keep the body out of sight and to buy him some time.
Susanna’s body had been dumped a few hundred meters from the refugee shelter where her alleged killer had been living. The traffic noise of the highway would have covered any sounds the young Jewish girl might have made as a Muslim refugee brutally raped and then strangled her to death.
At only 14, a year younger than Anne Frank when she died, Susanna had been murdered in Germany.  The teenage girl had been strangled to death after being raped. Her killer then boasted of the crime.
While the German police were searching for Susanna’s body, the Bashar family, all eight of them, were on their way back to Iraq. The Bashar clan had been living in a refugee shelter even though they were apparently able to afford to book eight tickets to Turkey. The tickets were bought under different names than the ones they had used to apply for asylum in Germany. By June 2, they were back in Iraq. . . .

You can read the rest of that by Daniel Greenfield.

What infuriates me — and what should infuriate everyone — is that this atrocity is being ignored by CNN and other liberal “news” networks. Why is our nation so divided that the White House press secretary is denied service in a Virginia restaurant? Because the people who produce “news” are instead promoting partisan propaganda for Democrats. If CNN viewers think Trump is Hitler, nobody at CNN will tell them differently. Meanwhile a Jewish girl is murdered in Germany and they don’t care.

CNN is anti-Trump 24/7, and anything that doesn’t fit that narrative — e.g., Iraqi immigrants who rape and murder Jewish girls — is ignored.

If you’re not angry about that, you should be. I’m sitting here in my home office with the TV tuned to CNN, and my blood is boiling. They should be ashamed of themselves, but I guess if they had any sense of shame, they wouldn’t be working for CNN in the first place.



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