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New MuellerGate Developments Prove ‘Deep State’ Conspiracy Against Trump

Posted on | July 12, 2018 | 1 Comment


OK, as of today, the “Russia collusion” story is MuellerGate.

For months, I’ve been saying the Mueller “investigation” is not an investigation, it’s a cover-up, the objective of which is to conceal the Obama administration’s illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign, while also manufacturing an appearance of wrongdoing by Trump.

Muller has not yet produced any evidence of the “collusion” that he was expected to find, and why? Because this was a phony conspiracy theory created by Clinton operatives, using Fusion GPS in an attempt to fabricate an illusion of “collusion” that did not actually exist.

Case in point is the Russian lawyer at the center of the Trump Tower meeting story. Natalia Veselnitskaya was thick as thieves with Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, and it seems safe to conclude she was an agent-provocateur, hired to lure Trump campaign officials into a meeting which could then be used as “proof” that Trump was a Putin stooge.

Because Fusion GPS was working for the Clinton campaign, and because Fusion GPS also produced the phony Steele dossier that was apparently the main “evidence” used to get a FISA warrant to launch federal surveillance of Trump campaign officials, the obvious 2+2 conclusion is that Veselnitskaya was part of a set-up, a trap, a “sting.” Her assignment, we may suppose, was to get Trump campaign officials to say something that could be captured via surveillance to serve as “proof” that the Republican candidate was doing something illegal with Russians.

OK, why did Trump fire FBI Director James Comey?

This was treated by the media as a scandal, a basis for accusing Trump of obstruction of justice, because it was presumed that Comey was investigating “Russian collusion.” It now seems more likely that Trump had discovered how deeply implicated Comey was in the surveillance of his campaign which, as we now see, was undertaken with the active influence of Fusion GPS, which was working for Hillary’s campaign.

It was the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration, along with key officials in the FBI and elsewhere in the federal bureaucracy, who were engaged in wrongdoing in 2016, rather than the Trump campaign. Whatever the role of Russian “hackers” or other Kremlin-directed attempts to influence the 2016 election may have been, there is no actual reason to believe that this was why Hillary lost — for crying out loud, she never set foot in Wisconsin during the whole campaign — and there is abundant evidence that Trump’s campaign was targeted for surveillance on the basis of bogus “intelligence” (i.e., the Steele dossier).

What the Mueller “investigation” was intended to do was (a) create a cloud of public suspicion about “Russian collusion” in order to make Trump’s presidency seem illegitimate; and (b) suppress the truth about the Obama administration’s surveillance of the Trump campaign.

There are new developments in this story. First, there were multiple copies of the Steele dossier sent to the FBI, including one copy sent by left-wing journalist David Corn, and another sent by Sen. John McCain (or his staff). Ace of Spades examines this in detail, and the takeaway is that this Clinton-funded operation was very eager to manufacture a semblance of legitimacy for the Steele dossier as “intelligence.”

Second, and also via Ace of Spades, we learn from Byron York that Mueller has admitted that his indictment of Trump campaign aide Paul Manafort has (a) no connection to “Russian collusion,” and (b) no connection to Trump or to Trump’s 2016 campaign. In other words, the biggest fish caught in Mueller’s net isn’t being charged for anything related to Trump or Russia; he was just a target of opportunity and, we may suppose, the charges against Manafort were all about getting him to become a witness making accusations against Trump.

Third — yes, again via Ace of Spades — we learn that FBI agent Lisa Page is refusing to testify to Congress about how she and her FBI boyfriend Peter Strzok conspired to take down Trump. This is where some of that “alt-right” talk about the “Deep State” controlling the federal government ceases to be a tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory and becomes a real thing. If two FBI agents, having an adulterous affair, could be part of an officially-approved effort to prevent the election of a Republican candidate, or to sabotage his presidency if he were elected, then it is fair to describe these unelected bureaucrats as acting as operatives of a “Deep State,” seeking to maintain a governmental status quo, thus preventing any fundamental effort to change policy and reform the government.

You do not have to agree with Trump’s policy ideas to say that the 65 million voters who elected Trump deserve to have their votes reflected in empowering the new president to make changes in Washington. For the bureaucracy (i.e., hired hands like Page and Strzok) to interfere in the political process so as to prevent such changes is to reverse the proper relationship between “We the People” and our so-called public servants.

Finally, Christine Laila reports at Gateway Pundit, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin lied to the FBI during the investigation of Hillary’s illegal private email server, but was not charged for this federal crime, unlike former Trump aide Gen. Michael Flynn. Here we see how the “Deep State” is enforcing a partisan double-standard: What is illegal for Republicans to do — a career-ending federal felony — is entirely permissible when Democrats do it. This isn’t justice as the blindfolded lady holding a scale of impartial judgment. This is systematic political corruption.

Gosh, somebody should write a book about this . . .





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