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SJWs Are Killing Comedy

Posted on | July 22, 2018 | Comments Off on SJWs Are Killing Comedy


Social justice is not funny and Twitchy has taken note of a rather weird article featuring a rather weird comedian:

In Hannah Gadsby’s highly acclaimed comedy special Nanette, she announces that she’s quitting comedy. Jokes are too simplistic, she says: they convert her trauma into humor and obscure the ugly truth of her story. Comedy, says Gadsby, has prevented her from evolving.
Gadsby isn’t the only comedian taking at least an occasional break from humor. . . .
Having become political comedians, they’re dropping the comedy act and becoming straightforward commentators. Why?
According to Gadsby, comedy is too simplistic a medium.

To say Gadsby’s show is “highly acclaimed” is to say liberals like it.

Gadsby is a lesbian and in her Netflix special, to quote Wikipedia, “Gadsby uses the piece to deconstruct the nature of comedy and asks the ‘straight white male’ to undergo the same tension that marginalised people go through every day. . . . She explains that some are brought up to hate themselves, while others are brought up with the license to hate others.” Oh, what a festival of fun this SJW rant must be!

Is this a comedy routine or a Gender Studies lecture? To invite an audience to your personal pity party, celebrating your victimhood — your status as a marginalized person — is stupendously arrogant. Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock never played the race card in such a manner, so why so much “acclaim” for Gadsby’s social-justice sermon? Isn’t this just about liberals feeling sorry for themselves because Hillary lost?

Ann Althouse says we’re living in “The Era of That’s Not Funny.” The only acceptable target of humor is heterosexual white male Republicans, and the only “jokes” are Democrat Party talking points.

“Get woke, go broke,” as Professor Reynolds says, but I suppose Hollywood executives won’t figure it out until they’re bankrupt.



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