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‘I’m Literally a Communist’

Posted on | July 23, 2018 | 1 Comment


Ash Sarkar is a 26-year-old “senior editor” for a left-wing blog who was a guest July 11 on the Good Morning Britain program as part of a panel discussing the protests against President Trump’s visit to England. She and the show’s co-host, Piers Morgan, got into a shouting match when Morgan kept pushing the point of why there had not been massive protests against Obama, when he visited England, considering the similarities between Obama’s and Trump’s policies:

Morgan repeatedly asked Sarkar where her Obama protests had taken place, speaking over Sarkar’s efforts to answer. After Morgan’s cohost, Susanna Reid, pointed out that you don’t have to take to the streets over every issue, Morgan again refused to let Sarkar explain the work she had done to protest Obama’s policies, calling Obama her “hero.”
“He’s not my hero,” Sarkar replied. “I’m a communist, you idiot.”
“Have you ever considered chairing a debate without straw-manning your guests, Piers, to make up for your own incompetence?” . . . When Morgan again labeled her “pro-Obama,” Sarkar responded, “I’m not pro-Obama. I’ve been critic of Obama. I’m a critic of the Democratic Party because I’m literally a communist.”

This outburst earned Ms. Sarkar an interview in Teen Bolshevik, the journal of the fashion-conscious Marxist-Leninist proletariat:

If anyone wanted an encapsulation of the screwiness of our times just consider the following straight question being asked of an interview subject.
‘How does being a communist impact your view of the US presidency, whether it’s Obama or Trump?’
And then consider that this pleasant question was being asked by Teen Vogue.
It was posed to a young woman called Ash Sarkar who writes for an obscure blog named Novara Media. . . .
Teen Vogue decided that she was a suitable subject for puffery, and presumably young female emulation. . . .
Sarkar and her colleagues are now (and I refuse to link to this) even trying to monetise their communism.  They have already made t-shirts available for purchase with the hilarious slogan ‘I am literally a communist’ on them.  I suppose capitalism must have its uses after all. . . .
For alarming though it is, many people when they hear ‘communism’ do not think of the NKVD and the knock on the door.  They do not think of the graves of tens of millions of people all across the globe.  The millions of wasted lives, from the wastelands of Siberia to the blackened piles of human skulls in Cambodia.  They do not think of the witness of Alexander Solzhenitsyn.  Nor of Anna Akhmatova, whose husband was executed in a mass shooting and whose son was later sent off to the Gulag.

Communism being celebrated in teen fashion magazines? If that’s not enough to make you want to vote Republican, I don’t know what is.

(Hat-tip: Donald Douglas on Twitter.)



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