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When Atheist Vegan Hippies Go Bad

Posted on | August 1, 2018 | Comments Off on When Atheist Vegan Hippies Go Bad


You probably don’t recognize this freak, who is now rather notorious:

When Anglin entered the Linworth Alternative Program, Columbus’s “hippie” high school, as a freshman in 1999, other students found him a quiet, insecure kid who craved attention and wanted to fit in. A declared atheist, he styled his reddish hair in dreadlocks and favored jeans with 50-inch leg openings. He often wore a hoodie with a large F–K RACISM patch on the back.
Anglin was one of only two vegans at Linworth, and before long he began dating the other, a brunette named Alison in the class ahead of him, whom he wooed by baking vegan cookies. She was a popular girl who introduced him to a diverse and edgy clique of kids. To them, Anglin seemed sweet and funny, if a little too eager to latch on to causes. Alison was deeply into animal rights. Suddenly, he was too.
He also got deeply into drugs, according to half a dozen people who knew him at the time. He did LSD at school or while wandering through the scenic Highbanks Metro Park, north of the city. He took ketamine, ate psychedelic mushrooms, and snorted cocaine on weekends. He chugged Robitussin, and “robo tripped” so much that he damaged his stomach and would vomit into trash cans at school.
At home, Anglin spent hours in his parents’ basement downloading music and visiting early Flash-animation sites. According to Cameron Loomis, a former friend, Anglin’s favorite online destination was Rotten[dot]com, which collected images of mangled corpses, deformities, and sexual perversions. . . .

You can read the rest of that, but the tl:dr is that this spoiled brat from the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, went on to get into 9/11 “Truther” conspiracies and spend time bumming around the Philippines before, eventually, founding The Daily Stormer, an infamous neo-Nazi website.


What called Anglin to my attention today is that he is featured in a recent report from the Anti-Defamation League, “When Women are the Enemy: The Intersection of Misogyny and White Supremacy”:

Daily Stormer founder and neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin wants to remind women that they’re lucky to get a man — any man at all — and are worthy of little other than male violence and contempt.
In a March 2017 rant, apparently sparked by Brad Pitt’s weight loss following the end of his marriage to Angelina Jolie, Anglin launched his full-scale attack on women — including white women, whose cooperation he presumably needs to pull off his racist master plan.
In typically self-aggrandizing style, Anglin referred to himself as the “tip of the spear against the feminist menace,” writing: “The fact is, when you give women rights, they destroy absolutely everything around them, no matter what other variable is involved. Even if you become the ultimate alpha male, some stupid bitch will still ruin your life.”
Worried about losing a wife or a girlfriend once you express these opinions? There’s no need for that, Anglin writes. “Women crave men who call them stupid and claim they shouldn’t have any rights. They also crave being tied up, beaten and raped.” In case there were any lingering doubts about his misogyny, Anglin returns to this trifecta of abuse in July 2018, writing: “Look, I hate women. I think they deserve to be beaten, raped and locked in cages.”
Anglin attempts to proactively deflect any criticism by maintaining that anyone who suggests that men who are this angry with women might not be very popular with women is ignoring the fact that women should be grateful to be with any man.
“What I am talking about is a social phenomenon where men are told that if they are unsuccessful with women, it is their fault. And it isn’t just the whores themselves who support this particular bit of nonsense — other men will back them up.”

Hey, Andy: If you are unsuccessful with women, it is your fault.

There are men who are successful with women, just like there are happy, successful women who don’t claim to be victims of the “patriarchy.” Playing the victim card — “I can’t get laid! It’s unfair!” — and scapegoating the opposite sex is a loser’s game, whether men or women do it. Maybe when Anglin was banging his atheist vegan girlfriend in high school — or banging teenage Filipinas in Davao City — he should have considered the possibility that he was wasting his youth. Now he’s angry because girls don’t want to date a 34-year-old Nazi?

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