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‘Choose the Form of the Destructor’: #GoogleWalkout and SJW Torpedoes

Posted on | November 1, 2018 | 2 Comments


Perhaps no company deserves to be destroyed by feminists, but if any company does, none deserves it more than Google. Having built the world’s most powerful search engine, the company then developed or purchased a series of other innovations — Gmail, YouTube, etc. After obtaining a hegemonic position in the online world, however, Google then inexplicably sold its corporate soul to “social justice” ideologues.

The extent to which Google has been captured by left-wing totalitarians, and become an active agent of intellectual repression, became apparent last year after the company fired James Damore for writing an internal memo that criticized their “diversity” policies. Damore sued his former emoployer (“Google Lawsuit Exposes Stalinist Climate Protecting Anti-White, Anti-Male Bias,” Jan. 10) and Google was also subsequently sued by a former member of its “technology staffing management team” who said the company implemented illegal hiring quotas. Only female, black or Latino candidates were eligible for hiring at Google, the lawsuit by Arne Wilberg alleges, and recruiters were ordered to “purge entirely any applications by non-diverse employees” (“More Samizdat From the Google Gulag: Company Imposed Illegal Hiring Quotas,” March 10).

As a Christian, it is against my religious beliefs to wish harm on others, but if any corporation has ever invited the wrath of God upon itself, surely Google was the Gomorrah of Silicon Valley:

At Google’s weekly staff meeting on Thursday, the top question that employees voted to ask Larry Page, a co-founder, and Sundar Pichai, the chief executive, was one about sexual harassment.
“Multiple company actions strongly indicate that protection of powerful abusers is literally and figuratively more valuable to the company than the well-being of their victims,” read the question, which was displayed at the meeting, according to people who attended. “What concrete and meaningful actions will be taken to turn this around?”
The query was part of an outpouring from Google employees after a New York Times article published on Thursday reported how the company had paid millions of dollars in exit packages to male executives accused of misconduct and stayed silent about their transgressions. In the case of Andy Rubin, the creator of Android mobile software, the company gave him a $90 million exit package even after Google had concluded that a misconduct claim against him was credible. . . .
On Thursday and Friday, some Google employees said they were dispirited by how some executives accused of harassment were paid millions of dollars even as the company was fending off lawsuits from former employees and the Department of Labor that claimed it underpaid women. . . .
Liz Fong-Jones, a Google engineer for more than a decade and an activist on workplace issues, said in a tweet that judgments over misconduct claims can be clouded by whether a person’s boss feels they can “afford” to lose that person. In the case of Mr. Rubin and others, she said, that put Mr. Page in the spotlight.
“The decision maker must have been Larry Page,” Ms. Fong-Jones wrote. “The buck stops there.”

So while Google was actively discriminating against white males with illegal hiring quotas, and firing James Damore for raising questions about the company’s “diversity” agenda, Google executives who sexually abused female employees were grabbing multimillion-dollar payouts.

Or so we are required to believe, because #BelieveWomen, right? This is why hiring on the basis of “social justice” and “diversity” is always a bad idea. Whether or not Andy Rubin was guilty of doing what he was alleged to have done, no heterosexual white male could expect to survive in the climate created within the company by the feminists, LGBTQ activists and racial grievance-hustlers Google has hired in recent years.

Today, a group of Google’s hate-filled feminist employees staged a walkout to “demand an end to the sexual harassment, discrimination, and the systemic racism that fuel this destructive culture.” And here’s the thing: The more Google tries to appease these totalitarian monsters, the more accusations of harassment and discrimination the monsters will make. Any male employee at Google who so much as smiles at a female co-worker is apt to be labeled a predator, and as for the male managers and executives at Google, well, they might as well turn in their two-week notices and cash out their stock options now, because it’s only a matter of time before they’re named as defendants in a class-action lawsuit.

Google ‘workplace activist’ Liz Fong-Jones.

“Choose the form of the Destructor,” as Gozer commands in Ghostbusters. Google chose “social justice,” and now they’re being destroyed by it. Or like Richard Fernandez says about Trump’s Democrat enemies, the torpedoes Google executives put in the water have circled back on them. By hiring a bunch of SJW busybodies to impose a “diversity” policy on their workforce, Google’s multimillionaire bosses created an environment where actually doing work — you know, the stuff that produces profit? — mattered less than demonstrating adherence to “progressive” ideology. Google’s decision to hire SJWs like Liz Fong-Jones (whose Twitter profile reads, “Trans+queer as fuck”) might have seemed harmless at the time to a highly profitable tech company, but how are you going to manage a workforce where such lunatics wield the destructive power of “equal opportunity” laws against their employers?

The more SJWs you hire, the more potential hazards you import into the company, with everyone forced to tiptoe around and watch their words lest they say or do something that might be deemed “offensive” by feminists, LGBTQ activists or other workplace grievance collectors.

The Destructor has arrived, and it’s not the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Expect more bad news for the Gomorrah of Silicon Valley.



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