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The Hate Twitter Won’t Ban

Posted on | December 18, 2018 | 1 Comment

Laura Loomer was banned from Twitter last month, as part of the platform’s endless purge of conservative accounts. Before she was purged, however, she wrote something about the #MeToo hysteria that prompted this response from one of her young male followers:


With slight orthographic improvement:

“I am wearing a body cam from now on. I also am taking a vow of silence. Any time a woman is near, I am not saying a word. Thanks, feminism.”

Is this . . . extreme? Well, it’s sarcastic hyperbole, I’m sure, but it expresses an entirely rational male reaction to feminism, a movement that is predicated on, and which seeks to encourage all women to embrace, a limitless hostility toward men. (Yes, all men.)

It is impossible for me to imagine what it must be like for young single men in the climate of anti-male hatred that feminism has created. How the heck can a guy flirt with a girl without risking an accusation of harassment? And how can any man feel safe in pursuing heterosexual activity knowing, as has been repeatedly demonstrated in recent years, that young women are willing to make false accusations of sexual assault as a means of (a) expunging their sense of shame over their drunken hookups, or (b) getting revenge against ex-boyfriends they feel have done them wrong in some way? It’s genuinely scary, when you examine the details of some cases of false accusations that have come to light.

Better safe than sorry, and if young guys are being extra-cautious about their interactions with women, can you blame them? What called my attention to @KYCERO’s tweet was this reaction from a feminist:


This is a deliberately dishonest distortion. When young men say that the current hysteria over “rape culture” and “harassment” has caused them to limit their interactions with women as a means of avoiding potentially life-destroying accusations, they’re not doing so because they need any pious feminist sermons about “consent” and “respect.” No, they’re doing it because this anti-male rage (e.g., the smear campaign against Brett Kavanaugh) is symptomatic of a mass hysteria among young women which has made heterosexual interaction enormously risky for men. Under the #BelieveWomen standard, anything a man says in his own defense is either automatically dismissed by feminists (because no man can be trusted) or else twisted into proof that he’s guilty.

But wait, who is this @Legal_Feminista person? Her profile states she’s an alumna of Boston University ($69,668 a year, including room and board) and what else does she have to say on her Twitter feed?






Her Twitter account is a nearly constant anti-male diatribe, but has Twitter done anything about her hateful rhetoric? Of course not. Twitter only suspends conservative accounts, while permitting the most offensive insults against the Left’s enemies. They hate you and want you dead.



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