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The Devil’s in Alabama

Posted on | December 21, 2018 | Comments Off on The Devil’s in Alabama


Yes, I know Charlie Daniels said the devil went down to Georgia, but that was years ago, and he’s been headed west since then:

An Alabama police department has been criticized for blaming recent violence on the community ‘rejecting god and embracing Satan’.
The post from the Opp Police Department comes as two gunshot killings in as many days in Covington County, located on the Alabama-Florida line.
It claimed recent area homicides had been perpetrated by young people who need ‘to stand up and be responsible leaders in our community’.
The post reads: ‘These murders have been done by our young people. This is happening because we have turned away from God and embraced Satan. We may have not meant to do so but, we have. It is time to ask for god’s help to stop this. It is time to be parents and raise our children, not have them raise us’.
The post calls on the community to support law enforcement and officers who have ‘to walk into dangerous situations and clean the mess’.
‘Bottom line, there are sheep, there are wolves and there are sheep dogs. Which group do you belong to?’
However the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation says police in the town of 6,500 people are wrongly promoting religion with the social media message.
The group said it is illegal for a government entity to endorse or criticize religious belief.

This isn’t about “belief.” If Satan is real, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in him or not, he’s still gonna get you. The way I figure it, the Devil must have left Georgia on I-85, gone down through Auburn and Tuskegee, then south on U.S. 29 through Troy before he hooked a left at Luverne and went down U.S. 331 until he got to Opp. And if folks in Covington County have “embraced” Old Scratch, there’s no helping ’em now. There’s only so much the Opp Police Department can do, I reckon.

UPDATE: I suppose some might criticize my calculation of Satan’s route to Covington County by pointing out that his trip could have been quicker if he had just taken I-85 all the way to Montgomery and from there headed south on U.S. 331, or taken I-65 to Evergreen and gone east on U.S. 84. However, considering how badly Auburn got whupped by Alabama this year, I’m pretty sure the Devil spent some time working his infernal arts in Auburn and, besides, does anyone imagine that Satan would risk getting caught in a traffic jam at Montgomery?



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