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Latina Lesbian Murdered by Two Men (But Don’t Blame Racist Homophobes)

Posted on | January 6, 2019 | 1 Comment

Today, I watched a true-crime documentary about the 2001 murder of 27-year-old Tzatzi Sanchez, who was sexually assaulted and strangled to death in Las Vegas. Now get ready for the plot twist: The two men who raped and killed Sanchez, Luis Barroso and Omed Marroquin, did so in a murder-for-hire scheme plotted by Sanchez’s former lesbian lover.

Luz Marcela Villanueva-Soto, a/k/a Marcela Whaley, was a lesbian from Durango, Mexico, who in 2000 moved to the United States with her girlfriend, Kimberlyn Estrada. They were looking for someplace to live in Las Vegas when, as luck would have it, they met Sanchez, who was working at a waitress while attending the University of Las Vegas. Sanchez was also Mexican, the daughter of a successful businessman who had sent her to school in the U.S. and had rented a large house in Las Vegas for her to live in. Sanchez offered to rent a room to Marcela and Kimberlyn. After the couple moved in with her, however, Marcela made advances on Sanchez, who had previously been strictly heterosexual. When Kimberlyn discovered this, she moved out, but the relationship between Marcela and Sanchez didn’t last. Marcela was abusive and controlling, and Sanchez became concerned for her safety. She turned to Kimberlyn for help and soon, Kimberlyn and Sanchez became lovers. This enraged Marcela, who recruited Barroso to kill Sanchez. He in turn got his buddy Marroquin to help with the murder. Police caught them, and they were both sentenced to life in prison in Nevada. Marcela fled to Mexico, where in 2007, she was sentenced to 39 years in a Mexican prison. Here’s the 2012 “Deadly Women” episode about the case:


When feminists are lecturing us about “violence against women,” they never mention the death of Tzatzi Sanchez, for some reason.