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Ace Just Nuked Ben Shapiro

Posted on | January 24, 2019 | Comments Off on Ace Just Nuked Ben Shapiro

Wow. I mean . . . just . . . wow.

Ace has been going on about the “cucks” for a while, and I get that. My preferred tactic is to aim downrange — focus on destroying the Left, and try to avoid friendly fire — and so I very seldom feel a need to Name Names among the faint hearts and turncoats. Once upon a time, I enjoyed internecine combat, but after 2012, I more or less lost my taste for it. Just try to rally the troops on Our Side and focus the attack on The Common Enemy, rather than waste time worrying about the backstabbers and sellouts. Which attitude is, of course, a luxury I’m able to afford because others are willing to fight the red-on-red fights I’d rather avoid. So when some of my friends started badmouthing Ben Shapiro, I was like, “No, man, you shouldn’t be doing that.” It’s . . . distasteful. It’s unnecessary. It’s a kind of trouble you don’t need.

I like Ben Shapiro. We don’t agree 100% but that’s true with anybody. There’s always going to be disagreement. Like, I wish Nick Saban would commit to establishing the running game, but I’m an Alabama fan and Nick’s got a pretty good record, so I’m willing to overlook his (relatively) minor deviations from True Football, which is basically how I am with conservatives. You’ve got to be pretty bad wrong — like Max Boot/Tom Nichols/Rick Wilson wrong — before I say, “f–k you.”

Anyway, here Ace aims directly at Shapiro for joining the pile-on against the Covington Catholic kids and, beyond that, Ace posted this sidebar:

As I Predicted, Not-Binary Ben’s Method of Acknowledging His Own Role in Adding Fuel to the Covington Firestorm Is Just to Denounce “The Media” So Vehemently That It Suggests to His Cultish Fanbois That He Himself Did Not Retweet Out the Smear on These Boys to His 1.87 Million Followers
What a Hero. What an uncompromisingly honest Warrior for Truth.
The Cucks have their own little media bubble and Ben Shapiro is quite sure none of the cucks within this bubble will be calling him out on this (they all defend each other and tickle each other’s juicy assholes on the reg) so he thinks he can get away with a Big Lie. His Twitchy PR Unit sure isn’t going to alert anyone.
It’s interesting — inevitable, maybe — that the alleged “conservative” media employs the same coordinated JournOList code of omerta that their friends in the admitted leftist media employ — if we all agree to embargo negative stories about each other, and never cover each other’s sins, we can keep most people from knowing about them.

Pretty damned harsh, but what can be done? I mean, if you see someone veering off-course, you aim a couple of shots across their bow, trying to let them know that you’ve noticed their deviation and that they should consider a course correction. But if they keep doing the same thing . . . ?

Man, I hate this kind of friendly-fire stuff. It’s like the QB rivalry between Jalen and Tua, except worse. It’s divisive and it makes me feel like I’m being forced to choose sides, and I don’t like that feeling. It’s like in November 2008, when I first noticed Charles Johnson of LGF taking a shot at Pamela Geller and I was like, “What fresh hell is this?” And then people started filling me on the backstory, and I started to realize that Charles was off the ranch, a ticking time-bomb which exploded in September 2009 with memorable consequences and Ace was one of the guys who stood strong in that fight, just like he’s stood strong in every other fight since then, so if Ace has got a problem with Ben Shapiro . . . ?

Ben Shapiro’s got a problem.

If push comes to shove, if we’re going to Defcon 1 here, I’m with Ace.

What can be done? Could we perhaps assemble a Council of Blog Elders to get Ben’s problem straightened out? Is there some Jedi Master whose advice he would be willing to heed? Or will young Mr. Shapiro continue drifting off toward the Ex-Conservative Orbit of Uselessness?

There is a disturbance in the Force, you see, and I fear that we might lose Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side.


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