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Madness Take Its Toll

Posted on | January 29, 2019 | Comments Off on Madness Take Its Toll

Frankenfurter, it’s all over.
Your mission is a failure.
Your lifestyle’s too extreme . . .

The woman spoke with a Russian accent, and she wanted someone to listen. We were in the lobby of the Heritage Foundation after Monday’s event “The Inequality of the Equality Act: Concerns from the Left,” where the ideology of “gender identity” had been critically examined by a panel that included two board members of the radical Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF). The woman’s daughter, now 29, had begun identifying as transgender in 2013, after working on President Obama’s re-election campaign. “She cut us all off!” the woman said, explaining that her daughter — her only child — had blocked any communication with her family via Facebook, telephone or email. “It’s a cult!”

I already had all I needed for my article, but the woman — her name is Tatiana and she immigrated with her family from Russia in 1993 — wanted to talk, so I took notes. “The whole involvement started with politics,” she said, recalling how proud she had been when her daughter started working on the presidential campaign. Then the daughter had broken up with her longtime boyfriend, and the descent into transgenderism began. “I experienced the death of my own child,” she said, speaking metaphorically, as the daughter she raised has in effect ceased to exist and is completely alienated from her family. “It’s mourning . . . People can’t understand.”

Monday was a weird day all around. I’d driven down to D.C. for this panel, my first road-trip expedition in months, 150 miles round-trip, and in the elevator up to the Heritage Foundation’s 7th floor Douglas and Sarah Allison Auditorium, I remarked to a couple of young staffers how weird it was that radical feminists were speaking there. “We’re through the looking-glass, down the rabbit hole, sailing uncharted waters in the part of the map where it says ‘Here Be Dragons’.” I’d arrived with about 10 minutes to spare, and sat in the second row, getting ready for the event. Then I looked up from my notebook and saw a group of women about to sit right in front of me. One of them looked familiar.

“Excuse me, ma’am — are you Lierre Keith?” I asked.

Indeed, it was her. It boggled my mind that this radical environmentalist from Deep Green Resistance was at the Heritage Foundation, but we’re living in strange times, in which lesbians are being driven out of gay organizations because they won’t toe the “inclusive” party line:

Julia Beck’s voice quavered with emotion and she seemed on the brink of tears as she neared the end of her presentation Monday. “We are losing an entire generation of sisters to this madness,” she said. “That’s why it’s personal. It’s infuriating. It’s devastating. And I have had enough.”
A radical lesbian feminist, Ms. Beck spoke these words at a place she once never imagined she’d be — a seventh-floor auditorium at the conservative Heritage Foundation — as part of a panel discussing “this madness” of transgender ideology. But as Heritage scholar Ryan T. Anderson said in introducing Monday’s event, no liberal institution in Washington was willing to host such a discussion because the influential and well-funded transgender lobby has effectively silenced criticism on the Left. Ms. Beck began her presentation by telling how she was removed from the Baltimore mayor’s LGBTQ commission because she refused to kowtow to transgender ideologues.
“You might be thinking to yourself, ‘Why is a lesbian speaking at the Heritage Foundation?’ And I ask myself the same thing,” she said. “But my answer is pretty simple: There is no place for me. I am politically homeless.” Ms. Beck was the target of what she called a “month-long witch-hunt” after she committed the “crime” of referring to a rapist as male. This involved the notorious British case of Stephen Wood (a/k/a “Karen White”), a sex offender who assaulted two women in a women’s prison to which he had been assigned after he decided to “identify” as female. As crazy as that sounds, it actually reflects the current state of law in England, and the fact that a lesbian feminist got kicked off a municipal commission in Baltimore for stating an indisputable fact — i.e., the rapist is a man, no matter how he may “identify” — shows how transgender ideology is a threat to basic First Amendment freedoms. . . .

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