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In The Mailbox: 02.14.19

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

EBL: DON’T SIGN THE DEAL – Establishment Republicans Sell Trump Out On The Border
Twitchy: “Multiple Sources” Say Smollett Attack Was Staged
Louder With Crowder: Happy Valentine’s Day! Slate Claims Trump Is Ruining Sex

Adam Piggott: Be The Best Feminist Male Ally You Can Be
American Thinker: The Homosexual Mafia Strikes Again
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Master Troll News
BattleSwarm: Tucker Carlson Says, No Russian Collusion”
Camp Of The Saints:
CDR Salamander: Russia’s Akula SSN – The Monster Of My Youth Is Still Out There
Da Tech Guy: The Green New Deal Will Be A Winning Issue For Republicans, also, Locust Days
Don Surber: Charge Smollett With A Hate Crime (Updated)
Dustbury: Gallop Poll
First Street Journal: The Truth Shall Land You In Jail
The Geller Report: Pelosi Earned A Fortune On IPO Through Insider Trading, also, Soros Says Europe Faces “Oblivion” As Pro-Freedom Parties Set To Win Big In European Parliament Election
Hogewash: Opportunity, RIP, also, That’s Not A Bug, It’s A Feature
Hollywood In Toto: Rocker Mick McMains Shares His Simple Secret
Joe For America: Was Senator Kamala Harris Toking Up As A DA While Busting Pot Users?
JustOneMinute: “Democratic Clown Car” Was Meant As Derision, Not Aspiration
Legal Insurrection: Occasional Cortex Victory – Amazon Won’t Build Second HQ In NYC. also, Andrew McCabe Admits DOJ Considered How To Remove Trump Under 25th Amendment After Comey Firing
The PanAm Post: Trump – We Still Haven’t Discussed Amnesty For Maduro, also, Colombian Opposition Leader Claims Humanitarian Aid Is Poisoned
Power Line: Dems Fill Border “Compromise” With Landmines – GOP Doesn’t Notice, Or Doesn’t Care, also, Eight Days In May
Shot In The Dark: Normally…
STUMP: The Undeniable Corruption of Chicago & Illinois – News Roundup, also, The Stupid Idea That Will Not Die
The Political Hat: Verboten At College – Alex Jones, CAPITAL LETTERS, and Women Who Say They’re Men
This Ain’t Hell: Green Beret Wants Murder Case Dropped Due To Investigator’s Stolen Valor, also, Battle Fatigue
Victory Girls: The Word Is Coup
Volokh Conspiracy: The Perils of Using Emergency Powers To Build Trump’s Wall
Weasel Zippers: Did Andrew McCabe Just Admit To Plotting a Coup Against Trump On 60 Minutes? also, Parris Island Marines Are Torching Christmas Trees With WW2 Flamethrowers And People Are Loving It
Megan McArdle: Democrats Are Learning How To Copy Trump. Uh-Oh.
Mark Steyn: The Future They’re Planning For Us, also, Enter The Vegan

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