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Dutch Police Seek Turkish Suspect in Utrecht Shooting That Killed Three

Posted on | March 18, 2019 | Comments Off on Dutch Police Seek Turkish Suspect in Utrecht Shooting That Killed Three


The latest story:

Police have named the suspect in a shooting attack on a tram in the central Dutch city of Utrecht which has left three people dead and nine injured.
Officers identified Turkish-born Gokmen Tanis, 37, in connection with the incident. The public have been urged not to approach him.
Authorities immediately raised the terror alert for the area to the maximum level and said they are considering the possibility of a “terrorist motive” in the attack.
Utrecht mayor Jan van Zanen confirmed the number of people killed and injured in the incident, saying the authorities were likely to “assume a terror motive”.
The suspect reportedly opened fire at passengers on a tram in the area of 24 Oktoberplein.

It is not yet clear whether this actually is a terrorist attack, but let’s engage in unsubstantiated speculation anyway:

If Trump inspired the New Zealand shooter, as the media alleges, did the media inspire this guy? How about Ilhan Omar? Or is Trump the only person on earth with the charisma to inspire people?

Personally, I blame Beto O’Rourke because why not?

UPDATE: The suspect has reportedly been arrested after an eight-hour manhunt. He had a previous criminal record, and the tram shooting may have resulted from a personal quarrel, rather than terrorism. Still, I blame Beto O’Rourke.



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