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Tucker Carlson: CNN Dutifully Follows ‘Marching Orders’ From Nancy Pelosi

Posted on | March 28, 2019 | Comments Off on Tucker Carlson: CNN Dutifully Follows ‘Marching Orders’ From Nancy Pelosi


In his Wednesday opening monologue, Tucker Carlson explained that the real collusion is between Democrats and the “mainstream” media:

This past Sunday afternoon, we learned that the Trump campaign did not collude with the government of Russia. That was the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s investigation, an investigation that spent two years exhaustively looking into the question. This was very good news for America — we don’t have a spy in the White House. But it was apocalyptic for the Democratic Party and their press agents in the news media.
These are the people who would stake their reputations and their fortunes on the collusion hoax — and they were stunned. Befuddled politicians stammered on television, trying to figure out what to say about the news. Viewers of liberal media outlets didn’t want to hear anything about it. Huge numbers of them just quit watching immediately. On Tuesday night, CNN’s 8 p.m. show lost nearly 50 percent of its viewers.
For progressive channels, this was a catastrophe. Something had to be done. So into this disaster steps the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. On Monday, just hours after the collusion story collapsed, Pelosi announced that the Democratic Party would be switching gears. Going forward, Democrats would focus intently on health care, just like she disingenuously claimed they always had.
“We’ve never taken our focus away,” she said. “I hope that it focuses the press on these issues.”
“I hope the press focuses healthcare,” Pelosi said. She didn’t have to ask twice. At CNN, they were paying close attention to every word Pelosi uttered. To Jeff Zucker and the anchors who work for him at CNN, Pelosi isn’t just a politician, she’s the leader of the party — their party. The party under whose banner Zucker has said he may someday run for office.
When America’s most powerful Democrat speaks, CNN listens with pen in hand. These are marching orders, and the network swung into action immediately. The rundowns of every primetime show were scrapped and rebuilt. Gone were the segments about office towers in Moscow and Carter Page’s spying and Don Jr. going to prison. In their place, long editorials about health care. The Democratic health care plan is sensible and necessary, CNN told us. The Republican plan — cruel and heartless. . . .
Democratic officials pick the topic and the storyline. Their servants in cable news dutifully repeat it to the word, all day long.
CNN is not a news outlet, it’s a super PAC. It is running unregulated campaign ads 24 hours a day.

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