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The Red Pill Never Lies

Posted on | July 2, 2019 | Comments Off on The Red Pill Never Lies


Rollo Tomassi has a post about how our culture increasingly encourages female promiscuity; women’s irresponsible behavior is called “empowerment,” and and men are expected to accept the consequences. In a feminine-primary social order, as Rollo calls it, male preferences are considered irrelevant at best, harmful at worst, but quite generally wrong in every case. Whatever a woman wants is inherently right, and men are judged failures if they fail to perform according to her preferences. Women’s behavior is immune to criticism (so long as she doesn’t vote Republican) whereas men’s behavior is endlessly criticized; you could fill an entire library with feminist books devoted to condemning men.

What is remarkable, in reading Rollo’s work, is how he calls attention to things which should be obvious — the evidence in support of his argument is everywhere, once we start looking for it — but which is seemingly invisible to most people. Third Wave feminists have been shouting louder and louder in recent years about how oppressed they are, but the reality is almost exactly the mirror-reverse. Why are young feminists so angry? In part, it’s because a basic goal of feminism is to make women angry, to inspire them with revolutionary rage. In terms of their own lives, however, women are angry because feminism inspires expectations about the rewards of “empowerment” that are unrealistic.

Never at any time in human history have women had so many opportunities, but never have so many women spent so much time complaining about how miserable they are. The explanation of this seemingly inexplicable phenomenon is obvious, once you start looking at it from a Red Pill perspective. To quote the late Stan Lee: “With great power there must also come — great responsibility!”

What happens when society devotes so much energy to the “empowerment” of women, teaching girls an utterly one-sided worldview, and sending them off into adult life with swollen egos and unrealistic expectations? She is taught to disregard male opinons, to consider male companionship worthless, and to reject male judgment as “sexist.” To fulfill her mission of “empowerment,” the feminist must be entirely independent of men, to view them only as useful for hedonistic pleasure or as providers of resources. (“Alpha f–ks, Beta bucks,” as the saying goes.) The “empowered” young woman has been taught to reject the possibility that a man — any man — might actually possess greater knowledge or skill than she does. The feminist believes herself omniscient and omnipotent, endowed with infinite ability, and any failure in her life is explained as a result of patriarchal oppression. In other words, the “empowered” woman is never truly responsible. If she is unhappy or unsuccessful, men are always to blame.

This is a surefire formula for insanity, and when I hear young men complain about how many crazy women they encounter, I believe them.

Well, there have been new developments in the Mackenzie Lueck story, so I must cut short this philosophical discussion, but I just wanted to urge readers to consult Rollo Tomassi’s work. He’s onto something, and more people should be paying attention to his insights.

UPDATE: “Friends Decry the Slut-Shaming of Mackenzie Lueck: ‘It’s Just Not Fair!’”



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