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Mueller Hearing a Democrat Debacle

Posted on | July 24, 2019 | 1 Comment


Whoever was responsible for the decision to hold today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing — and I suppose that must be the committee chairman, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) — is an idiot. If the goal of Democrats in having former Special Counsel Robert Mueller testify was to gin up support for impeaching President Trump, they failed. Badly.

As the New York Post said, the hearing “was a total waste of time”:

Mueller made it clear long in advance that he didn’t want to testify, and wouldn’t talk about anything except what was in his report. He even got the Justice Department to issue a guidance instructing him to keep to his preferred limits.
That left committee Democrats using their time to read bits of the report, then ask the witness, That’s in the report, right?
Mueller would then say Yes or Let me check or Can you repeat the question?
Though he is a hugely accomplished public servant, he was a spectacularly unimpressive witness, often coming off as unfamiliar with his own report or otherwise confused.

Many observers were left with the impression that Mueller must have only been a figurehead in the two-year investigation of Russian “collusion,” and that the report issued under his name was entirely the work of the Democrat attorneys on the Special Counsel’s staff. Attempts by Republican committee members to get Mueller to address evidence related to Fusion GPS and the Steele Dossier went nowhere, as Mueller either disclaimed any knowledge of this evidence — despite it being included in his report — or asserted that he could not comment because he didn’t want to interfere with ongoing investigations.

Mueller’s befuddled demeanor seemed to confirm the suspicions of a “senior Democrat” — a former Obama administration official — that, at age 74, the former Special Counsel has become senile.

Democrats need to take a long, hard look at the man whose idea it was to stage this embarrassing spectacle. Who is Jerrold Nadler and is he competent enough to chair the Judiciary Committee?


Nadler, 72, has been in Congress since 1992 without accomplishing anything other than occupying a safe seat from a district that has not been represented by a Republican in more than 100 years. He is a short, fat, elderly symbol of the political decline of New York. The stagnating state lost two congressional districts after the 2010 Census, and the subsequent redistricting illustrated the priorities of the Democrats who control New York’s corrupt legislature. They screwed over Rep. Ed Towns, a black Democrat who had previously represented the Brooklyn-based 10th District, in a gerrymander that redrew the district to include the heavily Jewish West Side of Manhattan, which is only connected to a random blob of Brooklyn by the I-478 tunnel under the East River. Towns was forced into retirement to ensure a seat for Nadler, who had previously represented the 8th District. If the so-called “Justice Democrats” need a target for their next left-wing primary challenge, they should aim at Nadler’s old fat ass. Considering how much anti-Semitism now motivates the Left, it shouldn’t be hard for Democrats to recruit a Jew-hating “woman of color” to take out Nadler.



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