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In The Mailbox: 08.26.19

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Bacon Time: Florida Man Convicted After Using Stand Your Ground Defense
357 Magnum: Given Enough Bad Press, Even The Clueless Will Come To Their Senses
EBL: He Said, Xi Said
Twitchy: Amy Siskind Thought She Had The Perfect Photo To Shame Trump At The G7 Conference…
Louder With Crowder: KS Library Board Divided Over Banning Pedophiles From Reading To Kids

Adam Piggott: The Beginning Of The Great Pushback, also, Test Cricket Is The Greatest Game In The World
American Greatness: Angry Father Confronts Antifa In Bloomington, IN After They Make His Kids Cry, also, The Mythical Trump Hydra
American Power: “Hockey Stick” Hoaxer Michael Mann Loses Multi-Million $ BC Libel Suit, also,  Is College A Good Investment?
American Thinker: Left-Wing Institutions Mainstreaming Hatred, also, Legitimate Concerns About Joe Biden’s State Of Mind
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Meme of The Day – The Four Types of Communists, also, Reporter Discovers Extreme Apartheid In Cuba, Barfs Up Communist Party Excuses For It
BattleSwarm: 80th Anniversary Of The Great Totalitarian Teamup, also, Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update
Camp of the Saints: Meet The New Berserkers
CDR Salamander: Missile Defense At Sea And Onshore On Midrats
Da Tech Guy: Trump’s Playing The Old Reagan Game With Red China, also, Report From Louisiana – Locking Up Cell Phones
Don Surber: Japan Backs America In Trade War With Red China, also, Tariffs Force Red China To Talk Trade
Dustbury: Strange Search Engine Queries, also, And Now Introduce Yourselves
First Street Journal: Saira Rao And The Failure Of Racial Integration, also, Accusations Of Racism & Kafkatrapping
The Geller Report: Alabama GOP Passes Resolution Calling For Ilhan Omar’s Expulsion From Congress, also, Bernie Sanders Claims To Be “Proud Jewish Person” While Hanging Out With & Supporting Vile Anti-Semites
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Gilmore v. Jones et al News, also, The Easiest Way To Discredit…
Hollywood In Toto: How High Tech Made New Rembrandts Music A Reality, also, Taylor Swift Embodies The Very Worst Of Celebrity Culture
Joe For America: Pelosi’s Brother-In-Law Received $737 Million “Loan Guarantee” From Obama’s Energy Department, also, Mark Hamill Targets Jimmy John’s For Boycott After Old Photos Resurface
JustOneMinute: Future Chaos Today
Legal Insurrection: Trump Supporters Are Quoting Journalists’ Embarrassing Social Media Statements, & The NYT Is Furious, also, Posters Seeking “Missing” DeBlasio Plastered Around NYC
The PanAm Post: Argentine Presidential Candidate Denies Venezuela Is A Dictatorship, also, The PanAm Post & The Venezuelan Opposition
Power Line: Michael Mann Refuses To Produce Data, Loses Case, also, Police Chiefs Say Warren’s Lies Are Putting Officers’ Lives In Danger
Protein Wisdom: An Identity Politics Post To Revisit
Shot In The Dark: I’ll Believe It’s A Crisis…
STUMP: Are Public Pensions In Crisis? Replacing DB Plans With DC Plans
The Political Hat: Posting Hiatus For A Week
This Ain’t Hell: Judge Gives Stolen Valor Convicts Unique Sentences, also, Murder At WV VA Hospital
Victory Girls: Journalists Cry Foul Over Their Rules, also, Obsession – White Supremacy & The Democrat Pivot
Volokh Conspiracy: Lawyer Loses Bid To Redact Opinion Labeling Him A “Copyright Troll”, also, Man Sues Diocese For Using Crucifix During 1925 Baptism
Weasel Zippers: Border Patrol Releases Drone Video Showing Miles Of “New Wall System” Being Built, also, Leftists Call For Olive Garden Boycott After Lying Tweet Accuses Chain of Donating To Trump
Mark Steyn: End Of The Peer Show, also, Scarlet Street

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