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Guy Gets Laid, Feminists Get Angry

Posted on | September 22, 2019 | 2 Comments


Feminists are enraged because the popular Instagram account “Humans of New York” did a profile of a pickup artist:

“I was like an ‘incel’ kid. I’d never had a girlfriend. I’d only had sex with prostitutes. I was very suicidal. Then one day I was standing next to a cute girl at a bus stop, and I googled: ‘How to approach women.’ That’s when I came across a forum for pick-up artists. It’s exactly what I’d been looking for. It seemed like a cure for my autism. I watched all the videos I could find. I started working out at a gym. I’d spend all day approaching women. Soon I was only hanging out with other pick-up artists. They respected me. They wanted to learn from me. Finally there was something I was good at. Right now I have over one thousand numbers in my phone. It’s a bit like gambling. Sometimes it goes well. Sometimes it doesn’t. But you always have the chance for sex. There are so many tricks to learn. Women have emotional brains. They get addicted to feelings. You can use that to your advantage. The first time you meet her — tell her she looks amazing. But never give her a full compliment again. She’ll always chase that validation. It’s like a drug. Tell her ‘she looks beautiful for her age.’ Tell her ‘she looks good in this lighting.’ Keep her insecure with half compliments. Keep her feeling like there’s something wrong with her. Like she’s not good enough for you. Like she needs sex for validation. Of course it’s manipulation, but why should I care? I’ve been manipulated so many times in my life.”

Now, I do not endorse deliberate emotional manipulation and, as a Christian, I must condemn fornication as a a sin. But the feminist reaction . . . They’re totally losing it.

Kate Gardner at the feminist blog The Mary Sue:

An unknown man’s story was shared in which he talked about being a pick-up artist and the way he manipulates women into sleeping with him. A self-described incel, the man seems like a giant warning sign, a walking red flag if you will.
No one should be saying that they need to manipulate a woman into sleeping with them by denying them validation, and yet here we are. Being manipulated doesn’t give you a free pass to manipulate others. Just because this guy had never had a girlfriend doesn’t mean that he should have the chance to try and con women into sleeping with him because he likes to feel in control.
The idea of women having more emotional brains is also textbook sexism. Women are not inherently more emotional than men. That would be years of the patriarchy telling us that women are hysterical for voicing opinions and having feelings, not scientific fact. All people like validation, not just women. . . .
This is disgusting, of course, but it’s also frightening because of how many men probably think like this. We live in a culture where women are afraid to turn down men because they’re worried they might be beaten up or killed. We live in a world where domestic abusers will go on shooting sprees. This isn’t something to be posted about casually, as it is a symptom of a larger cultural problem surrounding masculinity in our world.

Why this rage? Because a guy is getting laid regularly.

Feminists believe that women should have 100% control of sexual activity, that they should be arbiters of who does and doesn’t get laid. And this pickup artist guy — an erstwhile “incel,” who could never get a girlfriend as a teenager — threatens their hegemony. All he did was start working out at the gym and learn a few simple tricks for approaching women, and now he’s swimming in an ocean of poontang, with a thousand women’s numbers in his phone. It’s so . . . unfair.

Let’s ask: What does Marjorie Ingall mean when she says pickup artists are “preying on women”? She means . . . they’re getting laid. We may assume that Ms. Ingall has no moral basis for condemning sex outside marriage; she does not condemn fornication, per se, and she would never express moral judgment of female promiscuity. But if a guy finds a way to increase his chances of scoring? He’s a predator, according to Ms. Ingall.

Likewise, why does Kate Gardner protest so vehemently against the pickup artist’s claim? “Women have emotional brains. They get addicted to feelings. You can use that to your advantage.” This is rather a crude summary of what Rollo Tomassi calls “intersexual dynamics,” but if it’s not true, why does this belief help an ex-“incel” get laid? The proof is in the pudding: What works in practice must be based on sound theory.

The key to pickup technique, really, is not to be intimidated by women. Get over your idealistic reverence and realize that women are human. The most beautiful woman in the world has weaknesses, doubts and insecurities, and why should a guy be afraid to approach her? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and you’re playing the odds — “a bit like gambling,” as he says — so you have to learn to take rejection in stride.

Feminists wouldn’t be angry about pickup technique if it didn’t work. What their rage against the Humans of New York profile reveals is what should have been obvious: Feminists don’t want men to be happy and, because getting laid makes men happy, they’re against men getting laid.

If feminists really believed their own rhetoric about “equality,” they would admit that it takes two to tango — pickup artists couldn’t succeed if women weren’t screwing around promiscuously. C’mon, what kind of woman gives her phone number to a complete stranger? Yet there are enough women like that in the world (and especially in a big city like New York) that a shrewd player can collect hundreds of numbers, and keep four or five women in his regular rotation of partners. Each of his girlfriends (who don’t know about each other) may think of themselves as being “in a relationship” with him, and it’s not in his interest to disrupt their illusions. If she tires of his frequent unavailability and unwillingness to make a long-term commitment, she can end it, but he’s always got other candidates willing to fill any vacancy in his rotation.

The only way a girl can “win” that kind of game is not to play at all.

That’s what feminists don’t want to admit — men and women are not “equal,” especially when it comes to sex. Feminists have promoted the false belief that women can (and should) engage in a casual hookups without suffering emotional damage in the process. But women are by nature predisposed to prefer long-term monogamous commitment, a preference that is rational, because it serves women’s best interests. In a society where female promiscuity is celebrated, however, men are understandably reluctant to make long-term commitments. This creates a permanent conflict in which male-female relationships are afflicted by suspicion and hostility, approaching the Hobbesian nightmare of “the war of all against all” (Bellum omnium contra omnes).

There is no secular solution to this problem, which has arisen as a consequence of the decline of religious morality. We should not be surprised that, in a godless culture, men become hedonists, utterly selfish in their pursuit of pleasure. Feminists have no answer to this problem, because feminism is such a significant cause of the problem.

They have turned men and women into monsters, and like Doctor Frankenstein, they are horrified by the monsters they have created.



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