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‘Chuck Todd Is a Disgrace’

Posted on | October 8, 2019 | Comments Off on ‘Chuck Todd Is a Disgrace’


During an interview Sunday on Meet the Press, NBC’s Chuck Todd interrupted Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, accusing Johnson of promoting “Fox News conspiracy propaganda stuff.” What Johnson had been trying to explain, of course, was how the investigation of Ukraine-connected corruption is related to the origin of the “Russian collusion” hoax the Obama administration perpetrated against Trump.


Monday morning on Fox & Friends, Dan Bongino erupted:

“I’m telling you right now, he should have walked off that set. Chuck Todd is a disgrace to human kind. How this guy pretends still to be a journalist to this day is an embarrassment. Calling out this network, hey, guys, I usually don’t do props here. Here’s an article here, let me read you the headline here. ‘Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire.’ That says ‘Politico.’ That doesn’t say Fox News. What’s the date on this? January of 2017. Chuck Todd needs to resign in absolute disgrace. He should issue a full-throated apology to Ron Johnson and no credible Republican should appear on that network again. And let’s just get one thing straight here. Chuck Todd, who works for NBC of all places, the network that hosts Roswell Rachel, who for two years hosted people swearing the collusion hoax was real — we’re the conspiracy theory network, the network that actually nailed this story from day one? We are the conspiracy theory network? And what about this new ‘Politico’ story in Ukraine? What about this story?”

(Hat-tip: Misanthropic Humanitarian at AOSHQ.)

Chuck Todd is, and always has been, a partisan Democrat (just like ABC’s George Stephanopoulos). Todd began his political career working on the 1992 presidential primary campaign of Tom Harkin. No one has ever accused Chuck Todd of being an objective journalist, and his fellow partisan operatives in the media celebrated Todd’s interview with Johnson as a triumph of their (Democrat) cause. It’s disgusting.



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