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The Ivy League Is Decadent and Depraved: Yale Is Now America’s Rape Capital?

Posted on | October 8, 2019 | Comments Off on The Ivy League Is Decadent and Depraved: Yale Is Now America’s Rape Capital?


Nowhere in America are women more likely to be sexually assaulted than on the campus of Yale University. At least, that’s what Yale officials claim in their latest annual report from the campus Title IX office, which “indicates an extraordinarily dangerous campus . . . with a much higher violent crime rate than any of the nation’s most dangerous cities,” as K.C. Johnson observes. In other words, according to this official Yale document, parents are paying $72,100 a year (including room and board) to send their daughters to a university campus where they’re more likely to be raped than in West Baltimore or East Saint Louis.

Why is Yale proclaiming itself Rape City, U.S.A.?

This is the work of Dr. Stephanie Spangler, who has headed Yale’s Title IX office since 2011. Dr. Spangler apparently considers it her duty to report the maximum number of sexual assaults, and has established a system that encourages students to make accusations. Another innovative way of promoting Yale’s reputation as a dangerous place for women is Dr. Spangler’s use of “a more expansive definition of sexual assault” than that offered in state or federal law,” as Johnson explains:

She has never provided an explanation as to why Yale has chosen to redefine a commonly-understood term, but the broader definition allows figures that create a greater sense of crisis. Second, the latest Spangler report (repeating a change that debuted in her spring 2019 report) contains a chart of all reports at Yale since the implementation of the new Title IX regime in 2011 — culminating in a remarkable 169 Title IX complaints between January 1 and June 30, 2019.

What’s really happening at Yale, of course, is that feminists have taken over the campus and incited anti-male hatred among female students, resulting in a dramatic increase in accusations, which have doubled in the past three years. A majority of the claims (52%) were for “sexual harassment,” which is not rape or assault, of course, but gets lumped into the category “sexual misconduct” to create a larger statistic because more is better, you see. If Yale is going to spent hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for a Title IX witch-hunt, Dr. Spangler in her role as the witch-hunter-in-chief had better find a lot of witches. The more Dr. Spangler does to increase the “rape culture” hysteria on campus, the more every freshman girl at Yale gets the message that if a boy so much as speaks to her, she’s a victim of “sexual harassment” and — ZOOM! — the number of “misconduct” reports has doubled in the three years.

(Hat-tip: Instapundit.)

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers! If you’ve read my book Sex Trouble, you know that 21st-century feminism is an anti-male hate movement, and if you’ve followed my blog, you know how toxic the climate has become on America’s university campuses, as I wrote in May:

Is heterosexuality even legal at Yale University anymore? . . .
[A Yale senior] got suspended just a few weeks before he was scheduled to graduate because this girl decides retroactively that this brief moment when the condom came off during a 90-minute sexual encounter constituted “assault,” and Yale’s administration just goes along with this? If you’ll read the entire 66-page complaint you’ll find a lot of other reasons not to believe the accuser, including the fact that she claims to have been sexually assaulted more than once before she hooked up with John Doe, suggesting perhaps she has a victimhood mentality. But the larger point is, how can any guy at Yale know he won’t be the next “John Doe,” denied due process and expelled on the basis of a flimsy accusation?
The only safe course is NEVER HAVE SEX WITH A YALE GIRL.

Just tell your sons to avoid New Haven entirely.



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