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In The Mailbox: 10.10.19

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

357 Magnum: Last Flight Of The Blackbird
Locomotive Breath: Senators Push For Prosecution Of Kavanaugh Accusers
EBL: Andrew McCarthy Disagrees With NR, NeverTrumpers About Syria & The Kurds
Twitchy: GOP Senator Joni Ernst Drops Nancy Pelosi For Cowardly Subtweeting Her
Louder With Crowder: Ukraine President Says There Was NO BLACKMAIL In Trump Call

Adam Piggott: A True Holiday Is No Holiday At All
American Greatness: Imagining Chelsea Clinton’s America
American Power: Lights Out In California
American Thinker: The Bluffpeachment
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Space Travel News
Babalu Blog: No “Che” Signs In Hong Kong!
BattleSwarm: South Park‘s “Band In China” Gets South Park B& In China, also, Red China – Threat Or Menace?
Cafe Hayek: Trump, The Champion Of The Chinese People?, also, A Chip Off The Energy-Industry Block
CDR Salamander: China Is In An INFO War, Whether You Know It Or Not, also, Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: There’s More To That Poll Concerning The Black Vote Than Meets The Eye, also, Sorry, Liz & Bernie – For A Country To Be Free & Prosperous, Property Rights Must Be Sacred
Don Surber: Red China Cracks Down On Dissidents In The USA, also, Highlights Of The News
First Street Journal: The Taliban Will Kill Her, also, #MedicareForAll – Promising Lousy Healthcare For Americans
Fred On Everything: Greg, John, Razib, & Me
The Geller Report: Democrats Remove POW/MIA Flags From Offices, also, Stop Romanticizing The Kurds
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, Another Reason To Have Left California
Hollywood In Toto: Rise Of Jordan Peterson Pushes Past Partisan Bickering
JustOneMinute: Is It Thursday?
Legal Insurrection: United Nations Could Run Out Of Money By The End Of October, also, Californians Fume Over Massive Power Outages, Sky-High Gas Prices
The PanAm Post: We Argentines Like To Be Lied To, also, About That Che T-Shirt
Power Line: Farewell To The Tomahawk Chop, also, Omar Feels The Heat – Trump Edition
Shark Tank: Rubio – Trump Cut Deal To Wipe Out America-Friendly Kurds
Shot In The Dark: Don’t Mind Me, also, A Thousand Times “Yep”
STUMP: Meep On Books – Some Catchup With Videos
The Political Hat: Transing Toddlers – Illinois Toddlers, California Sex Ed Guidelines, & NEA President Pitching To Kindergartners
This Ain’t Hell: Chief Gallagher Forwards Clemency Package, also, Hillary Claims She Could Beat Trump Again
Victory Girls: Corporate Hypocrites Ignore Chicom Organ Harvesting Horror
Volokh Conspiracy: The White House Counsel is Making Political Arguments, Not Legal Ones
Weasel Zippers: Ukraine Company Paid Joe Biden $900,000 In Lobbying Fees, also,
Megan McArdle: What’s Behind The Rise Of Radicalism? Here’s Some Theories
Mark Steyn: Cancel Culture Bites Its Own Tuchus, also, Having Your Yellowcake & Making Bush Eat It

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