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Ace of Spades Is Our Churchill

Posted on | October 24, 2019 | Comments Off on Ace of Spades Is Our Churchill


One of the great tragedies of 20th-century history is how the advocates of appeasement in Great Britain permitted Hitler to build Nazi Germany’s war machine and expand his power all through the 1930s — “Peace for our time,” to quote Neville Chamberlain’s infamous phrase — rather than recognizing the Nazi threat for what it was. The appeasers had frozen Winston Churchill out of power and, during his “wilderness years” he was viewed as a disgrunted warmonger because of his repeated (and, as it turned out, entirely accurate) warnings about Hitler’s true purposes. That sad story is best told in A.L. Rowse’s Appeasement: A Study in Political Decline, 1933-34. A Shakespearean scholar, Rouse was a fellow of All Soul’s College, where he was a personal acquaintance of many of the leading advocates of appeasement. This allowed him first-hand insights into what went wrong in British leadership in the 1930s, and Rowse makes a key point: Chamberlain and the other appeasers didn’t know a word of German; Churchill did. Thus, Churchill had read Mein Kampf in the original text, and was also able to read and hear what the Nazis were telling the German people, rather than being deceived by the English-language “peace” propaganda that was emanating from Berlin.

What got me thinking about this was something Ace of Spades wrote:

I’ve mentioned this before, but a quick shorthand I use (borrowed from someone else) when evaluating people is if they Know What Time It Is, or if they Don’t Know What Time It Is.
The pablum issuing from NeverTrumpers and Neocons is just creating a pleasant illusion in which it’s 2003 forever and the only thing that should really matter is whether we are “consistent” on Trump and Clinton, preferring that political Neverland to the actual America we find ourselves in in 2019, pretending away unpalatable truths in favor of pleasant fantasies, continuing to pretend that everything’s great (and that which is not great can just be saved by another round of tax cuts and trade deals), and that the left isn’t scary at all — that’s just Evil Trump trying to convince you that they’re really serious about their openly announced plans to seize America’s guns and force churches to perform gay marriages, or go to prison.
They’re not serious about that! That’s just some heated political rhetoric.
NeverTrump is pretty sure that the left is quite sensible, really, when you get past their bluster, rather like that misunderstood fellow in Berlin, Mr. Hitler.

This is absolutely accurate. Like the appeasers of the 1930s, our “Respectable Republican” types are unwilling to recognize the seriousness of the threat with which we are now confronted. They think some kind of bipartisan compromise with the Left is possible, like Ronald Reagan shaking hands with Tip O’Neill in 1982 when, in fact, today’s Democrats are implacable totalitarians who will not be satisfied by any compromise. These are the Drag Queen Story Time Democrats, the Green New Deal Democrats, the enemies of every traditional freedom that the American people cherish, and they will stop at nothing to gain the power they need to impose their radical agenda on everybody else.



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