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In The Mailbox: 12.09.19

Posted on | December 9, 2019 | 3 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Two bits of administrivia for your Monday enjoyment: first, I dropped Shark Tank from the list because I’ve been getting security cert errors on Firefox, and I can’t find an e-mail link to inform Javier Manjarres, the main man over there, that he’s got a problem. If someone has that and can send it to me, I’d be much obliged; alternately, a recommendation for a good Florida-centric conservative blog would be good too.

Secondly – Help me, commentariat, you’re my only hope. The credit union dropped me a line to let me know that I need to give them $135 by Friday so they don’t repossess my Kia. This will, not coincidentally, keep them off my neck until January when I’ll be back in the tax mines generating regular paychecks again. Please, please hit the tip jar at the end of this post, and thank you in advance for your generosity.

OVER THE TRANSOM The Culpeper Minuteman Flag
EBL: Did Matt Drudge Sell The Drudge Report?
Twitchy: Mollie Hemingway’s IG Report Thread Paints A Very Different Picture From The MSM
Louder With Crowder: Sir Anthony Hopkins On Politics – “Actors Are Pretty Stupid”

Adam Piggott: A Review Of Roosh’s Babylon Road
American Conservative: The Campaign To Lie America Into World War II
American Greatness: Our Elites Have Learned Nothing
American Power: Pensacola NAS Jihadi Watched Shooting Videos Before Attack
American Thinker: Pro-Abortion Pelosi’s Convenient Catholicism
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Ladies In White Violently Arrested In Another Sunday Of Brutal Repression In Communist Cuba
BattleSwarm: Our Stupid Media – An Update, also, Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update
Cafe Hayek: The Hubris Of Such People Is Appalling
Camp of the Saints: December 7, 1941 – “The Unprovoked & Dastardly Attack”
CDR Salamander: Holding The Line With Guy Snodgrass On Midrats, also, France’s Long War
Da Tech Guy: That Such Men Lived, also, Mrs. Maisel Goes Full Alinsky On Phyllis Schlafly
Don Surber: The Best Political Consultant In America, also, No Excitement Without An Indictment
First Street Journal: Nancy Pelosi Is Riding The Tiger, also, Wrongthink Must Be Punished!
The Geller Report: Muslim Who Stabbed Jews At Amsterdam Market Ruled Unfit To Stand Trial, also, Two Teens Beat, Tase Israeli Tourists In Brooklyn Robbery
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, Breaking – WaPo Discovers The Government Lies
Hollywood In Toto: Seven Uncomfortable Questions Bombshell Cast Should Answer, also, John Legend Virtue Signals While Defending Virtue Signaling
Joe For America: Portland Wants Private Property Owners To Add “Mandatory Rest Spaces” For The Homeless
JustOneMinute: Something For Everyone In The IG Report On Crossfire Hurricane
Legal Insurrection: Liz Warren Admits She Pocketed $2 Million From Law Practice Which Included Anti-Consumer Representation, also, Dershowitz – Democrats Found The Man, Now They’re Looking For The Crime
Michelle Malkin: Where Are All The AWOL Muslim Military Trainees?
The PanAm Post: Exclusive Interview With Juan Guaido’s Former Ambassador To Colombia
Power Line: Impeach Trump Because Of…Slavery? also, When You’ve Lost The Intelligent Voices On The WaPo’s Op-Ed Page…
Shot In The Dark: Misleading Advertising
This Ain’t Hell: Marine’s C-4 Joke At Airport Bombs, also, John DeSomer – Fake POW, Eight Bronze Stars, Four Purple Hearts
Victory Girls: Pensacola – NYT Sats Don’t Call It Terrorism Yet, also, Virginia AG Herring – They’re Really Not Going To Defy Us
Volokh Conspiracy: Impeachment Based On Improper Motives
Weasel Zippers: Pete Hegseth Banned From Twitter For Sharing Pensacola Shooter’s Manifesto, also, Nadler – Anyone Who Votes Against Impeaching Trump Is Not A Patriot
Mark Steyn: Ace In The Hole, also, Sleigh Ride

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