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Who the F*** Is @EmmaVigeland?

Posted on | December 22, 2019 | Comments Off on Who the F*** Is @EmmaVigeland?


“I’ll take ‘Stupid Progressive Twitter Hot Takes’ for $400, Alex.”

We were at dinner last night following the conclusion of The Other Podcast when I saw Emma Vigeland’s bizarre tweet about Tulsi Gabbard on my phone and said, “Who the f**k is this Emma Vigeland?” To which my buddy John Hoge calmly replied, “Oh, you’re just now seeing her?”

Evidently, many people on Twitter consider Ms. Vigeland an obnoxious idiot but declaring “white male bitter incels” the chief supporters of Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s presidential campaign was unusually offensive even to those long familiar with Ms. Vigeland’s oeuvre.

Who is this person? The first rule of warfare is, “Know your enemy,” and whenever I encounter someone like this for the first time, I immediately start researching their background. The first thing you have to know about Emma Vigeland is that, in 2016, she was all-in for Bernie Sanders, and was at that time a huge fan of Tulsi Gabbard, who was also a Sanders supporter. In 2016, Ms. Vigeland praised Gabbard for calling out the “corporate Democrats” who had rigged the 2016 primaries on behalf of an “unbelievably corrupt candidate” (i.e., Hillary Clinton). In fact, Ms. Vigeland at that time said of Gabbard: “God, I hope she runs for president in 2020 and just rubs it in your face.”

Well, what changed in the past three years? In 2016, Ms. Vigeland had just graduated from LaFayette College, a private liberal arts school where the cost of attendance is more than $70,000 (including room and board). That summer, she worked as an intern for The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur’s progressive YouTube channel, which then hired her as a political correspondent. Of course, supporting Bernie was more or less mandatory for anyone involved in The Young Turks. Cenk was like the original “Bernie Bro,” and Ms. Vigeland . . . well, she’s very close to Cenk.


Look, I never even heard of Emma Vigeland until Saturday night, and I don’t even know if she is heterosexual or not, so I certainly would not suggest that she has anything other than a professional relationship with Cenk Uygur. Readers are free to draw their own conclusions, of course, but don’t blame me, you dirty-minded right-wingers.

In early 2018, Ms. Vigeland interviewed a certain Democratic congressional candidate in a certain New York congressional district:

“Within minutes of meeting her, it was undoubtedly clear: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a progressive star.”


You have to be a progressive star to recognize who the progressive stars are, I guess, and who can deny that Emma Vigeland has enjoyed a meteoric rise to stardom? Just a working-class girl from a gritty blue-collar neighborhood in New Jersey who got lucky. Oh, wait a minute, let me check my notes . . . No, it seems that Emma grew up two blocks from the Glen Ridge Country Club, in a five-bedroom home valued at $1 million. Her father is a big-shot lawyer who got his undergraduate degree at Dartmouth and his law degree from Columbia — “double Ivy,” as they say. Her father spent $35,000 a year to send Emma to the prestigious private Kent Place School before sending her to LaFayette College, because only the best will do for Daddy’s Little Princess.

Why is socialism so appealing to rich girls like Emma Vigeland? And what explains Ms. Vigeland’s seething hatred of all white males, with the notable exception of the elderly socialist Bernie Sanders?

Well, I’m a blogger, not a psychiatrist, so I’ll leave it professionals to explain Emma’s deep-rooted neurotic tendencies. But now you know the answer to the question, who the f*** is Emma Vigeland?




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