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In The Mailbox: 01.14.20

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– compiled by Wombat-socho

EBL: Will There Be A Sanders/Warren Showdown?
Twitchy: James O’Keefe – Bernie Sanders’ Iowa Operation Is Locking Down Twitter Accounts & Their Field Office
Louder With Crowder: Actor Vince Vaughn Was Polite With Trump At Clemson-LSU Game. Now The Left Wants Him Destroyed.

Adam Piggott: Sir Roger Scruton, also, Podcast #131 – The Z-Man Vs. Vox Day Grudge Match
American Conservative: Senator McConnell Should Recuse Himself From Impeachment Now
American Greatness: Sanders Field Organizer Says MAGA People Need Reeducation In Gulags
American Thinker: An Introduction To Q
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Brain Development News
Babalu Blog: Bernie Sanders Despised JFK For Criticizing The Castro Regime
Baldilocks: Halfrican Keeps It Real About Why 3rd World Immigrants Come To America
BattleSwarm: Did Commie Losers Assault Austin Democrat?
Cafe Hayek: Navarro’s Unintentionally Hilarious Apologies For Protectionism
Camp Of The Saints: And Iran/I Ran So Far Away
CDR Salamander: Summer 2017’s JAG Backwash
Da Tech Guy: Report From Louisiana – A Sampler, also, Trump & The NIle
Don Surber: It Is Even Better, Glenn
First Street Journal: There Are A Few Good Democrats Out There!
The Geller Report: Christian Bride, Ten Others En Route To Her Wedding Beheaded By Muslims, also, 42.8% Of Trump Ohio Rally Attendees Identified As Democrats Or Independents
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, Buyer’s Remorse
Hollywood In Toto: Media – Oscars Too White, Too Male, & Too Apolitical
Legal Insurrection: MSNBC’s Joy Reid Raves “You Have Nazis Walking Around Because Of Trump”, also, #RefundWarren – Sanders Supporters Go Ballistic On Warren Over Last-Minute Sexism Claim
The PanAm Post: Ricky Gervais Calls Out Hollywood’s Social Justice Hypocrisy
Power Line: Iran’s State News Anchor Resigns, also, We Now Know – FISA Court Must Go
Shark Tank: Loomer Says Frankel Voted “To Protect The Terrorist Regime In Iran”
Shot In The Dark: Order
The Political Hat: Los Angeles To Go Full-In With Racial Equity
This Ain’t Hell: Larry Mitchell “Tubby” Hopkins – Update, also, Virginia Democrat Says Too Many 2A Supporters Have Mental Issues
Victory Girls: Bernie Organizer Tells Project Veritas Gulags Are Awesome
Volokh Conspiracy: President Rejects Premise Of DOJ Briefs In ACA Case
Weasel Zippers: Donald & Melania Greeted With Roaring Applause At College Football National Championship, also, Project Veritas Drops Video On Sanders Staffer Talking Re-Education, Nazis, & Promising “Milwaukee Will Burn”
Mark Steyn: Lion Kings & Desperate Dukes, also, Orange Man Bad

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