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Ask Not for Whom the #MeToo Tolls: Beware of Soros-Funded Feminism

Posted on | March 5, 2020 | Comments Off on Ask Not for Whom the #MeToo Tolls: Beware of Soros-Funded Feminism


Because I never liked Chris Matthews, I enjoyed some schadenfreude at watching his partisan hack career ended by a #MeToo scandal. What I little suspected was the hidden hand behind that takedown:

[A]n obscure group called Ultraviolet just took down Chris Matthews—the former speechwriter for Tip O’Neill and Jimmy Carter who had successfully transformed himself into a professional talking head. Just like that, his 23 year run as an MSNBC staple on “Hardball” came to an abrupt end this week.
Founded in 2012, Ultraviolet did not achieve this awesome feat on its own. On the contrary, a sophisticated and well-funded progressive machine and media echo-chamber created, amplified, and executed the plan to take out Matthews — and many more individuals, companies, and organizations before him.
With hundreds of millions of dollars from billionaire financier George Soros and dozens of his comrades-in-arms at the “Democracy Alliance,” the progressive network of labor unions, activist investment firms, social justice organizations, and ideological media outlets is the tip of the spear in “cancel” culture.
Matthews was accused of sexually inappropriate comments by Laura Bassett in a GQ column. The “Hardball” host’s precise crime? Boorish and slightly creepy comments about her appearance and his penchant for “falling in love” with her. Matthews did not touch her or proposition her. Inappropriate? Probably. But Matthews is no Matt Lauer or Harvey Weinstein.
Nevertheless, Bassett persisted. After writing in vague terms about her awkward encounters with the cable talk show host in 2017, she unleashed a fresh volley in February 2020 after Matthews criticized progressive heroes Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. It was Matthews’ attack on Warren, in particular, that sent Bassett over the edge. The problem, evidently, is that the boorish Matthews gave Mike Bloomberg the benefit of the doubt over his secret nondisclosure agreements.
Questioning Warren’s dogmatic insistence that an accusation equals guilt was a bridge too far for Bassett. Soros, of course, had announced in October 2019 that he was backing Warren, calling her “the most qualified person to be president.” Soros and numerous Democracy Alliance supporters have put big bucks behind Warren’s campaigns. The Alliance’s treasurer is a high-dollar bundler for the Massachusetts senator.
Bassett, a long-time Huffington Post writer who went all in with the anti-Kavanaugh mob, repeatedly called the then-Supreme Court nominee a “rapist” and compared him to convicted sex predator and pedophile R. Kelly for expressing indignation at the accusations leveled against him.
Huffington Post, of course, is part of the Democracy Alliance’s stable of media outlets that also includes The Nation, The Guardian, ProPublica, and Media Matters for America.
These groups and outlets, working in concert, orchestrated the downfall of Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, targeted Breitbart, and attempted to knock Laura Ingraham off the air through advertiser boycotts. Ultraviolet, in particular, led the anti-Kavanaugh protests — projecting “Kavanaugh is a sexual predator” onto the D.C. Court of Appeals where he sat before joining the highest court, running TV ads, and having their paid staff confront then-Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) in a Senate elevator to convince him to oppose Kavanaugh.
Armed with unending funds from the Democracy Alliance donors, Ultraviolet’s press releases are often re-packaged and published as “news” by Huffington Post writers, including Bassett. Bassett also received awards from the neo-Malthusian and Democracy Alliance-funded Population Institute and Planned Parenthood for her pro-abortion reporting.
Their system works with extreme effectiveness. . . .

Read the whole thing. While I do not wish to encourage paranoia, whenever you find Soros’ money, you’ll always find connections — this think tank is connected to that media operation, which is in cahoots with this PAC, which is linked to that 501(c)3 and on and on and on. When Hungary’s nationalist government banned Soros-funded agencies from operating in that country, all the usual suspects cried “fascism!” Why? Because all the usual suspects are on Soros’ payroll. That the wicked schemer is now funding feminist organizations should inspire suspicion as to his motives, and cause us to monitor closely the messages that “feminists” are promoting. Are they really about “women’s rights,” or are they just following orders to advance their sugar daddy’s agenda?

(Hat-tip: J.J. Sefton at AOSHQ.)



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