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In The Mailbox: 04.14.2020

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– compiled by Wombat-socho

Gloria Sol, (originally) from the r/SexyButNotPorn subreddit. FYI, if you missed the daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings, EBL has them all. Check ’em out.

Ukrainian actress & model Gloria Sol

Red Pilled Jew: Ignoring Hashem’s Wisdom (Part III)
357 Magnum: Liberal Assault On Christianity Comes Up Short
EBL: President Trump Meets With COVID-19 Survivors
Twitchy: Raleigh Police Remind #Reopen NC Protesters That Protesting Is A Non-Essential Activity
Louder With Crowder: Donald Trump Eviscerates The Mainstream Media & CNN’s Chyron Graphics Show It

Adam Piggott: Podcast #140 – The Barbeque Episode
American Conservative: Inspectors General Drain The Swamp, So Why Is Trump Firing Them?
American Greatness: Barbara Streisand Claims 20,000 Dead Because Of Trump
American Thinker: Viruses 101 – How Overprotecting People From COVID-19 Could Make It More Lethal
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Supply Chain News
Babalu Blog: Prominent Member Of Cuomo Family Displays Famous Pic Of Che Guevara
Baldilocks: The Illegal And/Or Unconstitutional Actions Of President Barack Obama, Part II
BattleSwarm: Bill Maher Blasts SJW Opposition To “Wuhan Coronavirus”, also, Questioning The Official “Wet Market” Origin Of Corona-Chan, Part I
Cafe Hayek: Teaching Me Some Economics To The Economist
CDR Salamander: Keeping An Eye On The Long Game, Part LXXXV
Da Tech Guy: JonTron Vs. Goop & Other Thoughts Under The Fedora, also, Report From Louisiana – Passing Time
Don Surber: My Plan To Reopen America
First Street Journal: Apparently Only Republicans Are Concerned About Our Constitutional Rights
The Geller Report: Heinous News Hag Paula Reid Is Married To Red Chinese Operative, also, UK Cops Threaten Journalist Reporting On Mosque Violating Coronavirus Restrictions
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, Mental Illness On The Left
Hollywood In Toto: Anne Tyler Defends American Dirt Against The Woke Mob, also, Star Trek‘s Hope Went AWOL With Trump
JustOneMinute: Two Americas
Legal Insurrection: Missing In Action: Dems Have No Plans To Reconvene House Until May, also, Obama “Proud To Endorse” Biden After Months Of Silence
Megan McArdle: The World Will Reopen – “When” Is Not The Question To Ask
Michelle Malkin: The Council To Reopen…America’s Borders?
The PanAm Post: The COVID-19 Crisis Is The Result Of Decades of FDA Misrule, also, Remembering Andrew Cuomo’s Connections To The Castro Regime
Power Line: NYT Changes Biden Sexual Assault Story At Campaign’s Request, also, We Never Needed To Flatten The Curve
Shark Tank: Coronavirus Death Tolls In Miami, Broward/Dade, Don’t Match State Numbers
Shot In The Dark: The New Stasi, Part II
STUMP: Use Data Visualization Responsibly
This Ain’t Hell: That Covington Kid, also, President Trump Accused Of Not Acting Fast On The Coronavirus
Victory Girls: Media Burned By Own Words, CNN Goes Full TDS
Volokh Conspiracy: We’re All Federalists Now
Weasel Zippers: Trump Shows Supercut During Briefing Of Media Downplaying Coronavirus, also, Biden Wants To Put “Citizens On A Pathway To Citizenship”, Says He Needs Sanders’ Help To Govern
Mark Steyn: Stark Truths, also, Fire & Faith

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