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Just a Quick Note

Posted on | April 17, 2020 | 1 Comment

My Wednesday post about the death of Mackenzie Lueck has been deleted, because two of my kids objected to the tone of my commentary. This bothers me, as the entire point I wished to make is that what led to Mackenzie’s death was the kind of “non-judgmental” attitude that prohibits us from describing prostitution in plain English, resorting to euphemisms like “sugar baby” that make this evil seem harmless.

Prostitution is always wrong, and anyone who wishes to argue otherwise ought to expect strong opposition and criticism. In the article I linked Wednesday, one of the dead girl’s university “friends” said she believes that 60 percent of girls in her circle of sorority sisters have engaged in some kind of “sugar baby” type of activity. She argued in defense of this activity, as if no one could rightfully condemn it, and as a parent, I was profoundly horrified by her attitude. Perhaps in expressing my horror, I was too flippantly sarcastic, or used blunt language that offended people, and so I have taken down that post. However, in doing so, I wish to make clear that I have not changed my mind on the subject. Selah.



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