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In The Mailbox: 06.26.20

Posted on | June 26, 2020 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

It’s Friday, and you know what that means – reminders that links are due by noon tomorrow for the FMJRA and by midnight for Rule 5 Sunday. Also this weekend, the Pre-Independence Day Yellow Peril Book Post!

357 Magnum: Another Cop Kneeling On Someone’s Neck
Red Pilled Jew: Random Thoughts
Bacon Time: Put Me Down As Calling This Suspicious
EBL: The Radical Left Is Grooming Your Kids
Twitchy: Sean Spicier Tweets About Flynn, The Obama Administration, & NASCAR, And The Lefties Freak Out
Louder With Crowder: Pathetic – Pelosi & Schumer Can’t Even Remember George Floyd’s Name
Vox Popoli: They KNOW They’re Hypocrites, also, The Other Great Replacement
According To Hoyt: The Danger Of War Elephants

American Conservative: How To Retrofit Your Neighborhood To Save Urban Civilization
American Greatness: The Democrats Indulge Their Death Wish, also, Indian Leader Calls For Destruction Of Mount Rushmore
American Thinker: The Left Craps Out, also, BLM/Antifa Violence Is Prelude To November
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Data & Facts Friday
Babalu Blog: How The Cuban Exile Pilots Of Makasi Fought Communism In The Congo
Baldilocks: Present Help
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm For June 26
Cafe Hayek: The Emotigentsia
Da Tech Guy: The $86 Million Carpe Donktum Twitter Advertiser Question
Don Surber: BLM Proves The Broken Windows Theory, also, #NeverTrumper Casts Shade On A Trump Win
The Geller Report: DeBlasio & Cuomo Get Schlonged In Court, also, Migrant Who Stabbed Three To Death Was In UK’s “Deradicalization” Program
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, Well, I’m Glad That’s Done
Hollywood In Toto: My Spy Pins Dave Bautista To The Mat
The Lid: Jerry Nadler Says Antifa Is Imaginary
Legal Insurrection: Radical Left Makes Inroads At Scalia Law School Under #BLM Banner, also, Harlem Blacks Push Back Against Defunding The Police
The PanAm Post: Iran Trains Venezuelan Military To Control Communications, also, Avior’s Excuse To Avoid Sanctions
Power Line: Voter Fraud – The Democrats’ Ace In The Hole, also, Frederick Douglass Speaks
Shark Tank: Democrat Ag Commissioner Asks DeSantis For Mask Order
Shot In The Dark: A Little Bit Country
STUMP: State Bankruptcy & Bailout Reactions
The Political Hat: Firing Line Friday – How To Protest
This Ain’t Hell: Why I Believe Mikey Weinstein Is A Bottom-Feeding Opportunist, also, Valor Friday
Victory Girls: Suicide Of The Republican Party, Or Salvation?
Volokh Conspiracy: NY Officials’ Endorsement Of Anti-Racism Protests Leads To Successful Religious Freedom Challenge To Gatherings Ban
Weasel Zippers: 20% Of Ballots Rejected As Fraud Is Charged In NJ Mail-In Election, also, Antifa Attacks Portland Police Precinct, Sets It On Fire
Megan McArdle: Trump Will Richly Deserve His Fate, But He Won’t Pay The Ultimate Cost
Mark Steyn: Columbians At War

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