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In The Mailbox: 07.27.20

Posted on | July 28, 2020 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

357 Magnum: Chicago Continues Its Slide Into Chaos
EBL: Guy On a Buffalo & Hassie Harrison
Twitchy: NRCC Brings Knife To A Gunfight With Kurt Schlichter Over Their Annoying AF Text Messages
Louder With Crowder: Joe Rogan Makes It Official – LA Sucks, He’s Moving To Texas
Vox Popoli: Jason Whitlock Won’t Work On The SJW Plantation, also, Trump Will Take Minnesota

Adam Piggott: Friday Hawt Chicks & Links – The Grain of Salt Edition
American Conservative: How LGBT Nonprofits & Their Billionaire Patrons Are Reshaping The World
American Greatness: Gunfire, Arson, & Explosives At This Weekend’s Peaceful Protests, also, DHS Agent Desribes Portland Rioters As “Mentally Ill”, “Drug Abusers”, “Catatonic With Hate”
American Thinker: Fauci’s Lies & The Political Cowardice Of Mask Mandates, also, Are Fake News Polls Hiding A Potential Trump Landslide?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday!
Babalu Blog: Supporters Of Cuba’s Murderous Dictatorship Find Kinship With #BLM, also, Cubana Country Music Artist Angie Rey One Step Closer To Her Dream
BattleSwarm: The Chieftain Talks Autoloaders, also, BidenWatch For July 27
Cafe Hayek: Hoping That Silicon Valley Moguls Stand Their Ground, also, Rising Costs? You Bet!
CDR Salamander: Military Power & Intellectual Property On Midrats, also, Iran’s Performative Art
Da Tech Guy: Why Ships Burn, also, After The Statues Are Gone The Leftists Will Come For The Parks
Don Surber: These Aren’t Protests, They’re A Show Of Force, also, Trump Flipping Nevada & New Mexico
First Street Journal: I Was Wrong, also, Mass At St. Elizabeth’s
The Geller Report: American Doctors Address COVID-19 Misinformation With SCOTUS Press Conference, also, Over 30 Shot, Ten Killed In NYC As Violence Surges In De Blasio’s Hellhole
Hogewash: Open Mouth, Insert Foot, also, Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day
Hollywood In Toto: Late Night Gaslighting – Seth Meyers Ignores Portland Riots, also, Thirteen Box Office Sleepers That Shocked Film Experts
JustOneMinute: A Win For Trump!
The Lid: Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) Says Antifa Violence In Portland “A Myth”
Legal Insurrection: Mayor Groot Blames States With “Virtually No Gun Control” For Chicago Violence, also, Mainstream Media Oddly Silent As COVID-19 Cases Surge In Portland & Seattle
The PanAm Post: Red China Buys Half Of Africa, also, Venezuelans Stranded In U.S. Thanks To Maduro’s Draconian COVID-19 Restrictions
Power Line: 77% Of Americans Concerned About Urban Crime, also, Worst. White. Supremacists. Ever.
Shark Tank: Charlie Crist & Ted Deutch Accept Donations From Terrorist-Supporting CAIR
Shot In The Dark: The Second Amendment Freedom Activist’s Eternal Lament
STUMP: Bailouts, State Bankruptcies, & The Next COVID Bill
The Political Hat: Will The Suburbs Survive?
This Ain’t Hell: Occasional Cortex Wants To End Live Streaming Military Recruiting Efforts, also, U.S. Marines Trained To *GASP* Kill!
Victory Girls: Wall of Vets Joins Anarchy In Portland, also, About Those “Costumed Soldiers” In Portland
Volokh Conspiracy: “A Peaceful Demonstration Intensified”
Weasel Zippers: AP Reporters Embeds With Feds At Portland Courthouse, Redpilling Ensues, also, Radio Host Mocks Trump For Calling Seattle Violent – Then Antifa Torched His Apartment Building
Mark Steyn: Me & Julio Down In Hong Kong With The Boom-Ding-A-Diggi Blues, also, A Not So Happy Warrior

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