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Michigan Democrats Nominate Alleged Gay Pedophile for Congress

Posted on | August 14, 2020 | 1 Comment


That headline might be misleading. Jon Hoadley’s homosexuality is not “alleged.” He is definitely gay. It’s the pedophile part of the phrase that is unproven and, I mean, nobody knows if Jon Hoadley lusts for boy flesh. Not for certain, anyway. But I’m sure many Michigan Democrats would trust him to have a sleepover with their boys, because they’re tolerant and progressive like that:

A Michigan lawmaker and rising star in the Democratic Party who is running for Congress in one of the nation’s most contested seats discussed drug use and sex in a now-deleted blog where he also published derogatory comments about women and creepy remarks about children in underwear.

It was just college humor, Democrats say in defense of Hoadley’s blog, in which he referred to women as “breeders” and made comments about 4-year-olds wearing thongs. Not evidence of pedophilia, just “college humor,” and only a right-wing extremist would harbor any suspicions about this “rising star” of the Democratic Party.

Hoadley’s rival in the Democratic primary, Jen Richardson, had some jabs in her concession statement after losing by 3,000 votes:

In her concession statement, she said she would not be issuing an endorsement for Hoadley at this time, saying, “I am also very concerned by the alleged behaviors of Rep. Hoadley exposed yesterday and do not find acceptable the casual dismissal of misogyny, use of meth, and potential pedophilia as “bad poetry.” We must hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and to the highest standards of integrity.”

Nice phrase, “potential pedophilia.” But of course, we don’t actiually know anything about Jon Hoadley’s sexual preferences, except that he is gay — hugely, definitely, proudly and unequivocally gay. Is he also into meth and little boys? We don’t know. “Potentially.”



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