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In The Mailbox: 09.15.20 (Evening Edition)

Posted on | September 16, 2020 | Comments Off on In The Mailbox: 09.15.20 (Evening Edition)

— compiled by Wombat-socho

357 Magnum: Affordable Bail Works As Long As You Ignore The Data
EBL: #BLM, Antifa, & Their Comrades Are Starting Fires In The Pacific Northwest
Twitchy: Miami Restaurant Unhappy With Kamala Harris’ Visit As Customers Threaten Boycott
Louder With Crowder: High School Football Players Suspended For Flying American Flags. On 9/11.
Vox Popoli: How DID They Miss That? also, NFL Ratings Plummet
Free Speech Radio: Silicon Valley’s Planned Coup

Adam Piggott: Book ReviewThe Poor Man’s Guide To Financial Freedom
American Conservative: Trump Connects The Generals & The Military-Industrial Complex
American Greatness: Rasmussen Poll Says #BLM Riots Turning People In Riot Zones To Trump Voters, also, Kamala Harris Promotes “Harris Administration” Plans At Campaign Event
American Power: Hard Times For High Times
American Thinker: Roger Goodell & Wokeness Have Ensured The Decline Of The NFL
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Big Effing Deal News
Babalu Blog: Fake News Busted – Bay Of Pigs Vets Did Indeed Give Trump An Award
BattleSwarm: Two Heroes, also, Nvidia To Buy ARM?
Cafe Hayek: Making The Case For a Policy Of Unilateral Free Trade
CDR Salamander: USAF To USN – “New Fighter? We Already Got One! It’s Very Nice!”
Da Tech Guy: Report From Louisiana – Phase 3, also, The Real Mideast Deal
Don Surber: ISIS In Compton, also, 90% Of Wildfires Set By Humans
First Street Journal: Rights Delayed Are Rights Denied
The Geller Report: Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) Calls For Disarming Police, Banning Tear Gas, also, Twitter Suspends Account Of Red Chinese Scientist Who Alleges Corona-chan Was Created In Wuhan Lab
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, Biden Voters vs. Trump Voters
Hollywood In Toto: Woke Anti-Trump MCU Stars Silent On Disney-Red China Ties, also, How The Indie Film Chess Match Ran Afoul Of Hollywood Groupthink
JustOneMinute: Also Kind Of A Big Deal
The Lid: Trump Was Right About The BIG Comeback Of The Economy
Legal Insurrection: Joe Rogan Offers To Moderate 4-Hour Trump-Biden Debate – Trump Agrees! also, Kamala Lets The Truth Slip
The PanAm Post: Guaido’s New Pact – Solution For Venezuela Or For Interim Government?
Power Line: A Day Brightener, also, A Historic Day
Shark Tank: Frankel Supports Ban Of Laura Loomer’s “Lois Frankel Loves Black Lives Matter” Ad
Shot In The Dark: Ain’t S**t Indeed
The Political Hat: The State Is Revolting Against The People, And Criminals Are Their Vanguard, also, Woke Political Commissars For Law School
This Ain’t Hell: Come On, You Apes! also, In Other News Water Is Wet
Victory Girls: Peace Deal Leads To Palestinian Tantrum
Volokh Conspiracy: San Fran Has Basic Income Program For Pregnant Women – But Women Of Wrong Races Need Not Apply
Weasel Zippers: Antifa Rioter In Lancaster PA Gets Rubber Bullet Right To The Nads, also, Leaked DHS Emails Show Antifa Is In Fact An Organized Group
The Federalist: It Votes For Biden Or Else It Gets The Riots Again, also, Here’s Why Joe Rogan Would Be An Excellent Debate Moderator
Mark Steyn: Feasting On Blood, also, Harry Potter & The Philosopher Stoned

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