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In The Mailbox: 10.08.20

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Red Pilled Jew: Wednesday Whittle
357 Magnum: The Greatest American Hero Of WW1
EBL: New Debate Rules – Biden Stays In The Basement
Twitchy: Reality Checks Trip Up Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s Attempt To Tie Trump To Thwarted Whitmer Kidnap Plot
Louder With Crowder: Idiot Actor Mark Ruffalo Accuses VP Pence Of “White Male Supremacy” For Debating Kamala Harris
Vox Popoli: Bye, Gamma, also, World War P Continues

American Conservative: The Coming Conservative Counterrevolution?
American Greatness: Trump Refuses To Do Virtual Town Hall – “They’re Trying To Protect Biden”
American Power: Viral Ocean Spray “Dreams” Star Nathan Apodaca
American Thinker: When Fear Rules, also, The Left’s “Mostly Peaceful” Revolution/Coup
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Court Packing News
Babalu Blog: The Failures Of Socialism Offer Lessons To Latin America – Will They Learn?
BattleSwarm: King Abbott Deems Some Of His Subjects May Be Allowed To Quaff A Flagon Of Ale…
Cafe Hayek: Quotation Of The Day
CDR Salamander: Not Our War, Not Our Problem, also, Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: Governments Cannot Eliminate Risk Without Eliminating Freedom
Don Surber: 56% Say We Are Better Off Now Than Four Years Ago, also, Andrea Mitchell Redefines Stupid
First Street Journal: Andy Beshear’s Toothless Order
The Geller Report: Joe Biden is The Subject Of Federal Criminal Investigations Into His Role In Spygate And Activities In Ukraine, also, Catholic League Decries Gov. Cuomo’s “Tyrannical Edict” Targeting Jews
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, My Take On The VP Debate
Hollywood In Toto: Kerry Washington Claims Blacks Seduced By Conservatism To Oppose Gay Marriage, also, Why Bill Murray Makes On The Rocks Tolerable
JustOneMinute: Who Won & Who Cares?
The Lid: 2020 VP Debate – Lies, Headshakes, & An Arrogant Smirk
Legal Insurrection: Biden – “Voters Will Know My Opinion On Court Packing When The Election’s Over”, also,  Dishonest Kamala Lied About Abe Lincoln
Power Line: It’s Easier Being A Bin Laden Than A Conservative, also,  Turn This Page
Shark Tank: Loomer Disgusted Over Rehiring Of Holocaust-Denying Principal
Shot In The Dark: “Mitch, What Does Urban Progressive Privilege Look Like?”
The Political Hat: Systemic Madness
This Ain’t Hell: California Trucking School Owner Jailed For His Part In $4.1 Million GI Bill Scam, also, Mitigating The Red China Threat
Victory Girls: Whitmer, Tlaib Blame Trump For Thwarted Kidnap Plot
Volokh Conspiracy: Understanding Gov. Cuomo’s Antisemitism
Weasel Zippers: MI “Republican Militia” Planned To Kidnap Gov. Whitmer, But Organizer’s Facebook Videos Tell A Different Story, also,  Rioters In Wauwatosa Attacked Homes, Cars, &
The Federalist: FBI Is Stonewalling Congressional Oversight On Hunter Biden, also, Poorly Catechized Catholics Complain About Amy Coney Barrett’s Authentic Catholicism
Mark Steyn: MAGAdittoes!

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