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In The Mailbox: 10.13.20 (Evening Edition)

Posted on | October 14, 2020 | Comments Off on In The Mailbox: 10.13.20 (Evening Edition)

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Soon, Musk-sama?

Bleach Cocktail: Twisted Freak Nabbed In Razor Blade Pizza Dough Plot
357 Magnum: To Err Is Human, To Really Screw Things Up Requires A Computer
EBL: #WalkAway – Destiny Leaves The Democrats
Twitchy: Sen. John Kennedy Refers To Race Hustler Ibram Kendi As “Some Butthead Professor” At Glorious ACB’s Confirmation Hearing
Louder With Crowder: Sen. Cornyn Asks To See Glorious ACB’s Notes – She Holds Up Blank Notepad
Vox Popoli: Black On Pink, also, They Want GamerGate

Adam Piggott: Amy Barrett Is A Diversity Hire
American Conservative: How Azerbaijan Is Lobbying Washington To Sanitize Its War
American Greatness: Trump Is The Integrity Candidate, also, Judicial Election Interference Threatens Constitutional Crisis
American Power: David Horowitz – Blitz
American Thinker: The Week Washington Went Third World, also, Why People Take QAnon’s Pedophilia Accusations Seriously
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Regeneron News
Babalu Blog: After Decades Of Socialism, Venezuela’s Oil Production Has Plunged 90%
BattleSwarm: Five Worst Production Tanks Ever, also, Red China Invading Taiwan Followup – From Nukes To Knives
Cafe Hayek: Category Error
CDR Salamander: The Civilian Side Of The Terrible 20s
Da Tech Guy: Diplomacy Done Right For Taiwan & India, also, An Unexpected Vatican “Yoo Hoo, Bible” (and Catechism) Update
Don Surber: Cutting Off The Swamp’s Red Chinese Money, also, That Which Did Not Kill Trump Made Him Stronger
First Street Journal: Gee, This Is A Surprise! also, Amy Coney Barrett & Affirmative Action
The Geller Report: Twitter Fined For Multiple Campaign Violence Accusations, also, Biden Democrats Post Online Guide To “Disrupting” The Country If Election Is Close
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, Joe Biden & A Baptist Church
Hollywood In Toto: Netflix CEO Clueless About Own Company’s’ Censorship, also, The Simpsons Attacks Trump With Fake News Avalanche
JustOneMinute: Chasing Amy
The Lid: Joe Collins Destroys Maxine Waters In Ad Shot Outside Her Mansion
Legal Insurrection: Sen. Hirono Asks Amy Coney Barrett If She’s Ever Raped Anybody, also, CA General Election Ballots Have Been Duplicated, Misprinted, Trashed, & Sent To The Dead
Michelle Malkin: A Media-Political Assassination In Denver
Power Line: Holy Toledo, also, A Dose of Optimism
Shark Tank: Wassermann-Schultz Criticizes Glorious ACB as “Right-Wing Justice”
Shot In The Dark: If Government Won’t Keep Order
STUMP: A Fisking Of Yet Another Public Pension “Explainer” And A Closer Look At Texas’ ERS
The Political Hat: Is Elon Musk On The Verge Of Making Cyborg Catgirls Real?
This Ain’t Hell: You Say You Want A Revolution, also, Happy Birthday, U.S. Navy!
Victory Girls: Queen Amy Klobuchar And Mazie The Fool
Volokh Conspiracy: Why Amy coney Barrett Isn’t Likely To Have Any Meaningful Effect On Obamacare’s Future
Weasel Zippers: Mazie Hirono Asks Judge Barrett If She’s Ever Raped Anyone Before, also, Joe Biden Had A Number Of Senior Moments Today
The Federalist: The Great Barrington Declaration is A Spark Of Sense In A Mad World, also, WI Democrat Caught Lobbing Vile Attacks With Secret Twitter Account
Mark Steyn: Georgy Girl, also, When Woke Puts You To Sleep

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