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‘Anonymous’ Miles Taylor Represents Everything American Hate About the GOP

Posted on | October 29, 2020 | 1 Comment

Miles Taylor is selfish, greedy and dishonest. Hired as a political appointee to a staff position at the Department of Homeland Security, he immediately began working to sabotage the administration that had appointed him, writing an anonymous September 2018 op-ed in the New York Times describing himself as part of the anti-Trump “resistance.” He then expanded that into a 2019 book, scored a job at Google and went on CNN earlier this year to deny he was “Anonymous.”

You cannot trust someone who acts this way, and the fact that Taylor was a Republican, who interned in the Bush administration and later worked on the staff of Texas Rep. Mike McCaul, tells you almost everything you need to know about what is wrong with the Republican Party. If there was one issue that elected Trump, it was his pledge to stop illegal immigration, and yet Taylor is clearly part of the pro-amnesty, open-borders crowd. How did someone like Taylor get hired at Trump’s DHS?

This is what makes people hate Republicans. Democrats are the anti-American party, in favor of surrendering sovereignty to the United Nations and other globalist institutions, while replacing the American population with foreigners. Barack Obama’s father was a Kenyan socialist who hated America; both of Kamala Harris’s parents are immigrants, and she spent most of her youth in Canada. One might expect that the Republicans would represent a pro-America policy, opposed to the Democrats’ anti-American policy, and yet we find that the GOP is staffed by people like Miles Taylor who either don’t understand this issue at all, or else fully embrace the anti-American agenda.

Here’s your big “tell” about who Miles Taylor really is:

The Obama donation is one of my favorite attacks against me over the past few weeks because I would compare the $85 donation I made to Barack Obama to the many tens of thousands of dollars that Donald Trump has made to Democrats. I am so proud that I donated $85 to Barack Obama when I was a completely broke college student. I probably should have spent that money on food, or maybe a few drinks with my friends. So I’m proud that I spent that $85 because even though I was gunning for John McCain, and John McCain’s been a lifelong personal hero of mine, I wanted to be able to tell my kids that if Barack Obama got elected president, that in some way I supported the first Black president of the United States. Of course, I knew I was going to oppose him on policy issues, and I did that. I was a big McCain supporter.

Got that? Miles Taylor donated to the Obama campaign because John McCain was his “lifelong personal hero.” In other words, the people who supported John McCain did so with the full knowledge that his assigned task was to lose the election. John McCain was a leading proponent of the globalist open-borders agenda, and the American people knew this, which was why John McCain lost the entire Midwest, not to mention Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Nevada and Colorado.

You cannot win in politics by a “me too” approach of endorsing your opponents’ agenda. Insofar as any issue is a matter of controversy, those discontent with Democrat policy will turn to Republicans expecting them to oppose whatever it is Democrats are doing. This is why Trump was able to defeat the GOP primary field so easily in 2016, because Trump offered a clear message — “Build The Wall” — in opposition to illegal immigration, an issue on which Republicans had demonstrably failed to oppose the Democrats’ anti-American policy.

Whatever happens in this election, Republican voters must determine henceforward to purge the party of people like Miles Taylor.



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