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In The Mailbox: 11.23.20

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: It Could Be Worse…
EBL: Alex Rider – A Review, also, Clarence Thomas – In His Own Words
Twitchy: Are You On Parler? MSNBC Thinks You’re Fine With Hate Speech & Racism
Louder With Crowder: Patriot Confronts Maskless NJ Governor At Restaurant
Vox Popoli: The Raid In Germany Was On The CIA, also, Soros Bought The Southern Baptists
Stoic Observations: The Uncle Bunny Scenario

Adam Piggott: Friday Hawt Chicks & Links – The Wait & See Edition
American Conservative: The Greatest Scandal Of Our Lifetime
American Greatness: Something Rotten In Pennsylvania, also, Waiting For Sidney
American Power: Anti-Lockdown Protests In England, also, The Elites Plan To Use The Pandemic To Finally Inflict Authoritarian Tyranny On The Rest Of Us
American Thinker: The Trump Team’s Real Strategy, also, It’s In The Code – Hanky Panky In Virginia’s Votes
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Was Cuba Involved In The JFK Assassination?
BattleSwarm: Things Crashing Into Other Things At High Speeds, also, Election Fraud Update For November 23
Cafe Hayek: Wishing That Hans Rosling Were Still Alive
CDR Salamander: The Problem With Proconsuls
Da Tech Guy: Brave Dominion Runs Away In PA, also, First Fleet? How About Funding What You Have?
Don Surber: Why We Fight, also, The Lexicon Of Lefties
First Street Journal: KY Church Leaders Turn Down Gov. Beshear’s Shutdown, also, Another Draconian Decree From The Pennsylvania SSR
The Geller Report: KRAKEN – A CIA Hacking Program, also, Smartmatic Caught Lying
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, What Norms & Which Institutions?
Hollywood In Toto: Carano Must Be Canceled, But What About Kimmel, Midler, & Rapaport?
JustOneMinute: Just A Head Fake
The Lid: Leftists Hate On Free-Speech Platforms Gab & Parler – Where Is This Going?
Legal Insurrection: Biden Taps John F, Kerry* As Special Presidential Envoy For Climate, also, GSA Administrator, Her Family, & Pets Threatened
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations
Power Line: Today’s Biden Blunder, also, The Left’s War On The Working Class
Shark Tank: Salazar Poised To Be The New Anti-Socialist Voice In Congress
Shot In The Dark: Downstream From Culture
STUMP: Mortality With Meep – The Sex Gap
The Political Hat: Belated & Surprisingly Chill Election Aftermath, also, The Antifa Playbook
This Ain’t Hell: A Porn Star & Three Marines, also, Fine For Thee But Not For Me!
Victory Girls: Democrats Replace Free Speech With Curated Information
Volokh Conspiracy: Apple’s Chief Security Officer & Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Officials Indicted For CHP Bribery
Weasel Zippers: Wayne Co MI Election Worker Files Affidavit Saying She Was Instructed To Falsify Thousands Of Absentee Ballots For Biden, also, Hacker Demonstrates How Easily Voting Machines Can Be Forced To Change Votes
The Federalist: Many Studies Find That Cloth Masks Don’t Stop COVID-Like Virii, also, Five More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms
Mark Steyn: Now, Voyager, also, Georgia On My Mind

*”Who, by the way, served in Vietnam.” – R. Limbaugh

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