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In The Mailbox: 11.24.20

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Another Liberal City, Another Milestone
EBL: The Ride – A Review
Twitchy: Senators Cotton & Rubio Didn’t Get The Memo About Gropey Joe’s Cabinet Being Superheroes
Louder With Crowder: John Cleese Wants Woke People To Fry, Makes Important Point
Vox Popoli: OK, Boomer, also, There Is No Concession
Stoic Observations: A Stoic Political Taxonomy

Adam Piggott: You Can’t Stay Neutral Any More
American Conservative: Time For Conservatives To Dump Trump?
American Greatness: Newly-elected Congresswoman Plans To Be Strapped In The Capitol, also, By Every Legal Means Necessary
American Power: The Problematization Of Substack
American Thinker: This Is War
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Rotting Apple News
Babalu Blog: Miami Cuban Radio Icon Armando Perez Roura Dead At 92
BattleSwarm: How Soros-Backed Leftist DAs Refuse To Enforce The Law, also, Biden Still Bidening
Cafe Hayek: Tyranny Unmasked, also, No More Lockdowns
CDR Salamander: Your Presence Mission Is Not Sending The Message You Think It Is
Da Tech Guy: Cryptocurrents, also, Report From Louisiana – The Social Dilemma
Don Surber: Republican Traitors, also, Get Ready For Another Sellout
First Street Journal: Once Again, Kentuckians Have To Go To Federal Court To Protect Constitutional Rights, also, Another Democrat Governor Wants To Turn You Into Gladys Kravitz
The Geller Report: Tech Millionaire Funds Hacking Team – “Election Was 100% Rigged – Not Even Close”, also, OANN Suspended From YouTube For “Misinformation”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, A Ring Of Fire
Hollywood In Toto: Carolla Says What Comedians Wouldn’t For Eight Long Obama Years, also, How Ron Howard Brought Hillbilly Elegy To Life Without Lectures
JustOneMinute: To Be Fair, In His Professional Life Trump Probably Had Good Lawyers
The Lid: Dozens Of Cops Quit Seattle PD As City Council “Defunds Police”
Legal Insurrection: “Curfew Breakers” Protest On California Beaches, also, Researcher Finds Big Tech Manipulated 2020 Election
Michelle Malkin: COVIDGATE Part II – Clinical Trials & Crusader Bias
Nebraska Energy Observer: Sacred
Power Line: An Emmy For Andrew Cuomo, also, There’s More Than One Way To Steal An Election
Shark Tank: Loser Donna Shalala Lashes Out At Maria Salazar After Losing
Shot In The Dark: Liberty Is Destiny
The Political Hat: For The Delaware Green Party Species Is Just a Social Construct
This Ain’t Hell: The Son Tay Prison Raid, also, Military Working Dog Recognized At Retirement
Victory Girls: General Mattis Says America First Policy Must End
Volokh Conspiracy: Revisiting The Rule Of Law, Legal & Constitutional Norms
Weasel Zippers: Group Files Emergency Petition In WI After Finding 150,000 Potentially Fraudulent Ballots, also, Former White House Physician Convinced Biden Not Mentally Or Physically Fit For Office
The Federalist: 1 In 6 Biden Voters Would Have Changed Their Vote If They’d Known About Hunter Biden Scandals, also, Socialism Failed Miserably For The American Pilgrims, Just Like It Does Everywhere
Mark Steyn: Express Checkout, also, Not In The Lemonade Business

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