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Millions Stopped Watching Fox News

Posted on | December 11, 2020 | 1 Comment

The big news this week is that, for the first time, Newsmax got a bigger audience than Fox News. “Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Reports beat Martha MacCallum’s Fox News program in the 7 p.m. hour, bumping MacCallum down to No. 4 in cable news, behind Erin Burnett on CNN and Joy Reid on MSNBC.” The reason is simple: If you’re one of the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump, Martha MacCallum hates you.

Martha MacCallum is a liberal activist employed by a liberal organization.

Rupert Murdoch handed over control of his business to his children, who do not share their father’s conservative beliefs; quite the contrary, they all supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden this year. The ascendancy of the younger Murdochs has emboldened people like MacCallum (and Chris Wallace) who were always liberals, but spent years pretending otherwise for the sake of luring in a GOP-leaning audience.

Fox News committed suicide. Lou Aguilar writes their obituary:

Like a million loyal former viewers, I disgustedly watched Fox install disgraced Democrat hack Donna Brazile as their new liberal commentator (to back up the insufferable Juan Williams). Watched them boost the China virus doomsday panic. Watched fake objective anchor Chris Wallace transform into a rabid Trump-sniping chipmunk. Watched normally staid anchor Melissa Francis block Newt Gingrich from linking George Soros to riot-supportive blue state AGs. Watched business anchor Neil Cavuto cut off a White House press conference because he disapproved of Kayleigh McEnany’s address. Watched them call Arizona for Biden on Election Night before anyone else did, with the final count still days away. Watched them call a Democratic House expansion before the party lost many seats instead. Watched them call the election for Biden and refer to him as president-elect minus any official recognition. Watched them ridicule the Trump campaign’s perfectly valid remedial fight, with reporter Kristin Fisher openly insulting the Trump legal team’s press conference. Read the tweet by Kathryn Murdoch, wife of Fox News co-owner James Murdoch (son of Rupert), on Biden’s apparent victory, stating, “We did it.” Then, like a million former Fox News viewers, I turned off the channel, probably for good, adding to its current ratings meltdown. . . .

Read the whole thing.

It is with a certain measure of sadness that I report this suicide, and of course I’ll miss certain people I used to watch, but that’s not my fault. They have made a choice — to be loyal to a media organization that hates its own audience — and they must live with the consequences.



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