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In The Mailbox: 01.05.21 (Evening Edition)

Posted on | January 6, 2021 | Comments Off on In The Mailbox: 01.05.21 (Evening Edition)

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Is this not why you are here?

357 Magnum: Felony Murder By Any Other Name
EBL: Tanya Roberts, RIP
Twitchy: Radical Jackass Michael Pfleger Removed From Parish Duties After Child Sex Abuse Allegations
Louder With Crowder: Rowan Atkinson Calls Cancel Culture A “Medieval Mob”, Is Immediately Proven Right On Twitter
Vox Popoli: U.S. Attorney General For Georgia Resigns, also, The City Of The Damned
Stoic Observations:Are You Not Entertained?

American Conservative: How The 2020 Election Could Have Been Stolen
American Greatness: Antifa Scumbags Show Up At Josh Hawley’s House To Threaten His Wife & Newborn Daughter
American Power: Californians Ignoring Lockdown Orders – Just Like State’s Democratic “Leadership”
American Thinker: Some Hard Truths We Face As Patriotic Americans As January 6th Looms
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Defenders Of Civilization News
Babalu Blog: Senator Cruz Is Right To Force The Conversation
BattleSwarm: Did Corona-chan Escape From A Lab? also, Charter Schools Work. No Wonder Democrats Want To Kill Them
Cafe Hayek: An Inapt Analogy About COVID-19
Da Tech Guy: Conservatives Need To Defend Others In Free Speech Battle, also, Report From Louisiana – The Vaccine
Don Surber: Libs Worry about Losing Hispanic Vote, also, Your Cell Phone Is A Snitch
First Street Journal: If You Want To See More Conservative Political Victories, Go To Church! also, Killadelphia Reaches The Milestone
The Geller Report: IT Teams Confirm That Mail-In Ballots Were Received Pre-Filled By Machine, also, Dominion Machines In Three Largest GOP Precincts Break Down; Voting Hours Extended In Multiple Counties
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, I’m Confused
Hollywood In Toto: Reporters Rush To Save Wonder Woman 1984 From Itself, also, Reaction To Daily Wire‘s Hollywood Debut Speaks Volumes
JustOneMinute: On To Georgia!
The Lid: Anti-Israel J Street Urges Biden To Reverse Trump’s Israel Policies, Including Peace Plan
Legal Insurrection: Looks Like Harris’ “Fweedom” Story Plagiarized From Martin Luther King Jr., also, Another Trump-Brokered Diplomatic Breakthrough
Nebraska Energy Observer: Seven Degrees Of Separation
Power Line: Has Trump Gone Nuts? also, The War On Standards, West Point Cheating Edition
Shark Tank: Chris Cuomo Mocks Rubio’s Faith
Shot In The Dark: Somewhere In The Afterlife, Walter Duranty Is Chuckling Like A Teenager Telling A Fart Joke
STUMP: Geeking Out
The Political Hat: Gender Madness In Congress
This Ain’t Hell: Warning Signs Ignored In SF Colonel’s Case Prior To His Armed Standoff With Police, also, SEAL Pleads Guilty In Death Of Green Beret
Victory Girls: Gaslighting Goes On Despite New Voting Irregularities
Volokh Conspiracy: Ohio Governor Signs Repeal of Duty To Retreat
Weasel Zippers: WI Legislature Puts Forth Bill To Decertify Election Results, also, Proud Boys Leader Released Without Bond; Judge Bans Him From DC
The Federalist: Why I Am Joining The January 6 March For Trump, also, Barstool Sports Raised $18 Million To Help Small Businesses, Putting Pathetic Federal Relief Efforts To Shame
Mark Steyn: Don Black – The Sanest Guy In The Room Part II, also, Peachy Keen?

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