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In The Mailbox: 01.12.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.


357 Magnum: RINOs Get The Reward Anyone Could Have Seen Coming
Director Blue: Are There Really 60 Failed GOP Election Lawsuits?
EBL: Happy Birthday, Rush Limbaugh!
Twitchy: Pence Tells Pelosi To Pound Sand, Won’t Invoke 25th Amendment, also, Dem Strategist Hallucinates Liz Cheney Is 2024 Frontrunner After She Comes Out For Impeachment
Louder With Crowder: Dem Rep Jayapal Whines Republicans Gave Her COVID – Video Shows She Wasn’t Wearing Mask
Vox Popoli: Il Papa Arrestato? also, Clay Travis Goes After Big Tech
Monster Hunter Nation: Bow Before AppGoogleZon

Adam Piggott: The Best Of Times
American Greatness: Arizona Librarian Fired For Push To Keep Libraries Apolitical
American Power: Signs Of Leftist Fifth Column Everywhere, also, Glenn Greenwald Decries The Left’s New “War On Terror”
American Thinker: President Trump Takes One For The Team, also, The Politics Of Inoculation
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Speech Suppression News
Babalu Blog: First Week Of Cuba’s Socialist Currency Reform A Disaster
Baldilocks: Help Me Save My Landlord’s Building
BattleSwarm: Democrats’ Tower Of Self-Reinforcing Bullshit, also, Joe Rogan & Dr. Mark Gordon On California’s Lockdown Madness
Behind The Black: Dream Chaser First Flight Delayed Until 2022
Cafe Hayek: Please, Let’s Not Go Further Down The Road Toward Complete Politicization Of Society
CDR Salamander: A Habsburg Plan For Europe
Da Tech Guy: Never Forget That Courage Is The Exception, Not The Rule, also, Bottom Line – I’m Still With Trump Because He Was With Me
Don Surber: Does Twitter Matter?
First Street Journal: No, No Attack On #FreedomOfSpeech At All! also, The Lexington Herald-Leader Doesn’t Like It When The Riff-Raff Express Their Opinions
The Geller Report: Murder Turtle Reportedly Supports Democrats’ Impeachment Efforts, also, SNAKE – Liz Cheney Says She’ll Vote To Impeach Trump
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, I’m Not Making This Up, You Know
Hollywood In Toto: Baldwin’s Latest Digital Hatefest Shows More Of Big Tech’s Hypocrisy, also, Woke Screen Rant Bullies & Tries To Deplatform Gina Carano
The Lid: Mark Levin Says WaPo Never Confirmed That Cumulus Told Hosts To Drop Trump Talk
Legal Insurrection: Trump Signs His Border Wall, Touts Immigration Accomplishments, also, Trump Defends Remarks – “I Want No Violence”
Nebraska Energy Observer: Rowan’s Way 6 – Red Beret
Power Line: Project Veritas Strikes Again, Claims Scalp, also, Purge Of Conservative Voices Continues
Shark Tank: Florida Democrats Reject Anti-Mob Bill
Shot In The Dark: Planet Of The Humans, Part 1 – The Devil Wears Orange
STUMP: Taxing Tuesday
The Political Hat: Witches & Warlocks & Pumpkin Possums!
This Ain’t Hell: It’s On The Agenda, also, Troops Deploying To DC Being Scrutinized For Wrongthink
Transterrestrial Musings: Disrupting The Disruptors, also, Joe Biden’s Civil Rights Nominee
Victory Girls: Cuomo’s Clunky Vaccine Rollout Endangers The Elderly
Volokh Conspiracy: A Simple Way For The GOP To Keep Impeachment From Exacerbating Conflict & Disunity
Weasel Zippers: Sheldon Adelson, RIP, also, Sen. Manchin Says Impeachment Push Ill-Advised – Not Enough Senate Votes To Convict
The Federalist: No, Donald Trump Did Not Incite An Insurrection, also, Uganda Knows Da Wae – Nukes Facebook & Twitter For Election Interference. Twitter Has A Meltdown.
Mark Steyn: Try A Little Tenderness, also, Shaidle On Speech & The Unhappy Left. Steyn is also doing a reading of Orwell’s 1984 which starts here.

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