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In The Mailbox: 03.17.21 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

I swear there’s going to be an evening edition tonight.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

About that stimulus…

357 Magnum: Media Bias? What Media Bias?
EBL: What’s Up With Cuomo?
Twitchy: U.S. Army Introduces Its Chief Diversity Officer
Louder With Crowder: Blue Checkmark Implies Bill Burr Has A “Minority Sex Servant”, Bill’s Wife Fires Back
Vox Popoli: You Will NOT Talk Back, also, You. Had. One. Job.
Gab News: Gab Is Too Big To Ignore

Adam Piggott: There Is No Ultimate Human Doctor Evil
American Conservative: Destroying What We Are Trying To Save
American Greatness: Capitol Investigation Seeks To Criminalize Political Dissent, also, Washington Post Exposed As Gossipy Tabloid Hacks Again
American Power: Biden, Harris, Bad Orange Woman, Other Top Staffers Afraid To Appear On Sunday Talk Shows
American Thinker: The Sovereign Crime Of Industrial Vote Fraud, also, President Cloward, VP Piven
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Contested Election News
Babalu Blog: Finger Amputated Due To Lack Of Antibiotics In Cuba
BattleSwarm: Texas Legislature Considers Statewide Camping Ban
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted Americans, also, Starship Update – Prototype #11 Could Fly Today
Cafe Hayek: Quotation Of The Day
CDR Salamander: Did Some GOFO’s Wife Write This?
Da Tech Guy: Red China Fails Faster Than The USN At Shipbuilding, also, The NBA’s Vanderbilt Moment
Don Surber: Trump Supporters Need To Play Hardball
First Street Journal: The Truth? They Can’t handle The Truth! also, Philadelphia Inquirer Mourns Job Losses (By Women) Due To COVID
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, I’m So Old
Hollywood In Toto: Supa Modo Shows Power & Pitfalls Of Childlike Imagination, also, Grammys Silent On Kids In Cages Crisis
The Lid: Tucker Carlson is Reigning Cable Champ As MSNBC Ratings Crash
Legal Insurrection: Senate Democrats Want Biden To Issue EO Cancelling Student Debt, also, Congressman Brings National Guard To Confront Rep. Greene Over Guam Gaffe
Michelle Malkin: The “Anti-Semitism” Smear
Nebraska Energy Observer: I’ve Been Thinking
Outkick: Golden Rats Fire Rick Pitino, also, Eddie Van Halen’s Son Rips Lame Grammy Tribute
Power Line: Is America Doomed? (Part One), also, No Fireworks At Mount Rushmore?
Shark Tank: Rodrigues’ Pro-2A SB 1884 Passes Senate Committee
Shot In The Dark: Welcome Wagon
The Political Hat: Racial Struggle Sessions In Nevada Schools
This Ain’t Hell: NG Troops Not Really Wanted In WDC, also, Tucker Draws Military Ire Part II
Transterrestrial Musings: NASA & The Rise Of Commercial Space, also, David Hogg’s Pillow Factory
Victory Girls: Girls & Boys Are Biologically Different
Volokh Conspiracy: In Further Defense Of Law Reviews, More Or Less
Weasel Zippers: Audio Shows Washington Post Lied About Trump/Georgia Phone Call, also, Majority Of Signatures To Recall Gavin Newsom Are From Democrats
The Federalist: Sorry, Democrats, You Can’t Blame The Border Crisis On Trump, also, Alaska GOP Censures Sen. Murkowski, Pledges Support For Primary Challenge
Mark Steyn: A Fine Romance, also, The Very Model Of A Modish Loser General Staff

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