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In The Mailbox: 04.27.21 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Some things never change.

357 Magnum: Black Coed Accused Of White Supremacy Nationalism Vs. Patriotism
EBL: Mad Max
Twitchy: “Open WAR Is Upon Us”, also, Gannett Is Sorry They Got Caught Stealth-Editing Stacey Abrams USA TODAY Op-Ed
Louder With Crowder: Man Hits Pink-Masked Antifa So Hard With Frying Pan, It Bongs
Vox Popoli: Red China Attacks Feminism, also, The Hour Is Grave
Stoic Observations: Peasant Morality

American Conservative: America’s New Justice System, Funded BY Soros & Zuckerberg
American Greatness: Why The MAGA Movement Needs Matt Gaetz In Congress, also, California Gubernatorial Recall Is On For 2021
American Power: Substack! Holy Crap!
American Thinker: Black Rage – It’s All About The Humiliation, also,  A New Level Of Depravity & Corruption For NYC
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Second Amendment News
Babalu Blog: Even Cuban Stores That Only Accept Dollars Have Nothing To Sell
BattleSwarm: Austin City Council Continues Its Assault On The APD, also, Texas Gains Two House Seats, CA & NY Lose One Each – With Some Thoughts On Texas Redistricting
Behind The Black: There Are So Many Blacklisted Americans That A Database Exists, also, Dynetics Joins Blue Origin In Whining To NASA About SpaceX Contract
Cafe Hayek: In Appreciation – James M. Buchanan
CDR Salamander: Want To Benchmark Best Tech Practices?
Da Tech Guy: The Post Office Again Shows Why You Shouldn’t Be On Facebook, also, Equity Is Mediocrity
Don Surber: Democrats Worry That Their Steal Won’t Hold
First Street Journal: Black Lives Don’t Matter To The Philadelphia Inquirer Unless They’re Ended By A White Cop
The Geller Report: Almost 50% Of Federal Cases Against Portland Rioters Have Been Dismissed, also, Sky News – “Joe Biden’s Stupidity Is Now A Threat To The West”
Hogewash: Yours Truly, Johnny Atsign, Moar Johnny Atsign, and I’ll Just Leave This Right Here
Hollywood In Toto: Beatty’s Town & Country Is Even Worse Than You Remember, also, Adam Carolla Says Hollywood Nutjobs Are Ruining The Oscar Franchise
The Lid: John Kerry Has Made A Career Of Violating The Logan Act
Legal Insurrection: “Cancel Culture As It Now Exists…[Is] The Warfare Of Personal Destruction”, also, Law Prof Facing Investigation For Criticizing Chicom Government On His Own Blog
Nebraska Energy Observer: There May Well Be
Outkick: ESPN Lies Again About Black Quarterbacks, also, LeBron Groupies Bombard Cincinnati Bar With Bad Reviews After Owner Drops NBA Games
Power Line: Desolation Row, also, Critical Race Theory Hauled Into Court
Shot In The Dark: The Case We’ve Been Waiting For?
STUMP: Geeking Out – Census Numbers For Reapportionment Released, Let’s Visualize!
The Political Hat: New England Journal Of Medicine Endorses Racial Discrimination In Medicine
This Ain’t Hell: No Means No (Bangs Gavel), also, Indonesian Sub Wreckage Found In 2,750 Feet Of Water, All Hands Lost
Transterrestrial Musings: A Multi-Cultural Approach To Space, also, You Don’t Say
Victory Girls:  John Kerry – Once A Traitor, Always A Traitor
Volokh Conspiracy: “The Common Objects Of Their Love”
Weasel Zippers: CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People Don’t Need Masks Outside, also, Border Patrol Union Prez – “Nobody Has Done Worse On Border Security Than Biden”
The Federalist: Parents Rebel After Texas’ #1 School System Tries To Institutionalize Racism, also, 50% Of American Voters Think Kamala Harris Is Unqualified To Be President
Mark Steyn: Beyond Politics, also, The Hundred Years Ago Show

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