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The Ghost of Andrew Breitbart

Posted on | July 8, 2021 | Comments Off on The Ghost of Andrew Breitbart editor Joel Pollak calls attention to an article in the Federalist, explaining how it was that the late Andrew Breitbart made conservatives aware of Critical Race Theory:

Critical race theory has blossomed in the United States into a culture war between institutions and those they purport to serve. As usual, legacy media have colluded to delegitimize any objections by either minimizing the dogma, re-defining it, or denying its existence. Americans ought to consider the media’s frenzy to smear writers exposing CRT in 2012 when examining the reality of today.
After Andrew Breitbart indicated at the Conservative Political Action Conference that he had footage to substantiate that President Barack Obama maintained a relationship with a prominent critical race theorist, it led to a news storm.
Breitbart’s fiery speech led to a now all-too-familiar CRT battle between two opposing media forces. released footage of Obama speaking at a diversity protest in support of a professor named Derrick Bell, whom the outlet’s former editor Ben Shapiro referred to in an explainer column as “the father of Critical Race Theory (CRT).” Heritage Foundation fellow Mike Gonzalez told me in an email he is more like the “godfather” of CRT.
Bell, a Harvard University Law professor at the time, was overwhelmingly defended by left-leaning pundits, as was Obama. If you can picture it, and hopefully you can given how investigative journalist Christopher Rufo and others have been treated by media today, Breitbart’s writers were lambasted as conspiracy theorists.
Joel Pollak, the editor-in-chief at the time and now the current Breitbart editor-at-large, was implicitly called racist on CNN by host Soledad O’Brien, a “smear artist” in The New Yorker, and told in The Nation he was unreasonably rebuking “intellectual leaders in a long tradition of calling on America to address racial unfairness.” . . .

Read the whole thing. The point is that nine years ago — long before CRT was turning school-board meetings into riots — Breitbart saw in Obama’s defense of Derrick Bell an indicator of where the country was heading. And, as usual, the Democrat-Media Complex (as Breitbart called it) was spinning like crazy, trying to convince their audience that there was no real controversy. Andrew was truly prophetic in his vision.



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