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Democrats to Rural America: ‘Vote for Us, You Ignorant Racist Hillbilly Yokels!’

Posted on | July 22, 2021 | Comments Off on Democrats to Rural America: ‘Vote for Us, You Ignorant Racist Hillbilly Yokels!’

If you’re a member of the Urban Crime and Drag Queen Story Time Party, you might not be too popular among bitter Bible-clingers:

Democrats running for elected office in the House and Senate from rural America are starting to depart from using party identification in their ads in hopes of attracting more voters.
This means many candidates for office are running against the platform of their own party, according to Axios. Since the 2020 election, the Democrats in both chambers of Congress have had a wafer-thin majority, and the Republicans are looking to overtake them in the fast-approaching midterms next year.

(It’s July 2021. The midterm elections are more than 15 months away. The only reason the media are hyping this as “fast-approaching” is because they’ve got a feeble-minded idiot in the White House, and they know voters are sick of being smeared as “racists.” So the media are trying to help Democrats avoid total wipeout in November 2022.)

Since former President Donald Trump talked about rural Americans throughout his entire presidency and on the campaign trail, Democrats in those places now feel “reflexively distrustful of progressive solutions to everything from the pandemic to infrastructure.”

(Question: Was there ever a time in the past 50 years that rural Americans were excited about the “progressive solutions” agenda?)

Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan (OH), running for one of Ohio’s Senate seats, released a campaign ad roughly three minutes long. The Democrat did not mention his party affiliation once.

(Ryan is utterly doomed in Ohio, where Trump won by 8 points.)

According to the report, Democrat strategists from rural states have advised the candidates to avoid using “fancy” language and to focus on populist economic policies.

(“Don’t scare the hillbillies with your college-educated words.”)

“Several consultants insisted that Democratic policies — on labor rights, broadband, climate and infrastructure — are popular in rural areas. It’s the messaging that’s causing heartburn,” the report added.

(Or maybe some of those hicks are smart enough to turn on their TVs and see Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Rashid Tlaib and say, “Nope. Ain’t voting for that party.”)

Democrat candidate Monica Tranel is looking to pick up the new congressional seat in Montana next year. However, Tranel, in her ad, declared: “So many people I grew up with don’t vote for Democrats anymore.”

(Feminist with a law degree from Rutgers says what?)

She also said, “They feel like Democrats look down on rural America.” Montana’s only congressional seat has gone to a Republican since 1997.

(Maybe the reason they feel that way is because it’s true.)

Zac McCrary, a Democrat pollster and partner at ALG Research, told Axios, the recent moves made by President Joe Biden on “infrastructure” and the “child tax credit” are “consistent with traditional, economic, Democratic populism that has real currency in rural areas.”

(Democrats consider Drag Queen Story Time to be “infrastructure.”) 

However, he also mentioned that candidates in vulnerable districts “need to have an answer to the question: What makes you different from a lot of the other Democrats?

(Honest answer: “Nothing.” All Democrats will vote for banning oil pipelines, shutting down the coal industry, turning loose violent criminals, and spending your tax dollars on Drag Queen Story Time.)

The report added that some Democrats in leadership have always warned that using certain language only hurts candidates. Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) has discouraged from using “defund the police.”

How about defunding Nancy Pelosi? She’s gotten rich from insider deals while running around telling the rest of us what racists we are. She had one previous four-year tenure as House Speaker, lost the gavel in 2010, got it back in 2018, and is now 80 years old. How much longer do Democrats think they can keep playing the same predictable game and expecting different results? They need to lose, and lose badly.

And I certainly hope that nobody in rural America is deceived about who Democrats really represent — namely, Satan.

What the Democratic Party considers “infrastructure.”



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