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In The Mailbox: 08.17.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

It really is a sweet song.

357 Magnum: The Families of Dead People Don’t Like Self-Defense
Red Pilled Jew: Tyranny, COVID, Genocide, Endless War, And All That
EBL: Taliban Calls Out Facebook For Free Speech Hypocrisy
Twitchy: Guess Who? “You Will NOT Pin This S**t On Me!”, also, ABC News – Republicans Pounce!
Louder With Crowder: Tucker Carlson Nails Afghanistan Problem – “We’re Led By Buffoons!”
Vox Popoli: Taiwan Is Nervous, also, How Zimmerman Sold His Soul
Health Impact News: Occupational Therapist Says More Patients Dying From The Jab Than From Corona-chan
Gab News: How Big Tech Helped The Taliban Overrun Afghanistan

Adam Piggott: Daddy, Tell Me Again How You Didn’t Take The Jab
American Conservative: Crawling Out Of The Swamp
American Greatness: Terrorist Exchanged For Bowe Bergdahl By Obama Played Key Role In Return Of Taliban, also, 1/6 As A Distraction From Afghanistan & Other Crises
American Power: Afghanistan War Ends In Shame, Ignominy
American Thinker: The Dystopia Of Progressivism
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Afghanistan Shitshow News
Babalu Blog: Another General Dead – Eighth Or Ninth In The Past Month, also, Dozens Of Police Patrols Roam The Streets Of Havana – But No Buses
BattleSwarm: The Inevitable Disaster, Made More Disastrous Than Necessary, also, Blue Alert In Texas
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, also, Blue Origin Files Lawsuit Against SpaceX Lunar Lander Contract
Cafe Hayek: All Benefits Have Costs
CDR Salamander: This What A Whole-Government Epistemic Failure Looks Like
Da Tech Guy: Now Comes The Election Steal Body Count, Katla, and Report From Louisiana – Fete Dieu De Teche
Don Surber: Trump Would Have Left Nothing Behind, also, What About The Mexican Girls? What About The Afghan Boys?
First Street Journal: The Left Blames Republicans For Lower Vax Rates, But Black Americans Are The Least Jab-Compliant
The Geller Report: Leading Feminist Groups Typically Silent As Afghan Girls Face Brutality Of Sharia Law, also, Biden Must Answer for The Horrifying Disaster In Kabul
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, A Star Is Born
Hollywood In Toto: The Not-So-Hidden Meaning Behind Adam McKay’s Anti-GOP Rant, also, Conservatives May Never Have A Pop Culture Chance Like This Again
The Lid: Rashida Tlaib Gets Torched For Ridiculous Taliban Claim
Legal Insurrection: Colbert – Trump Supporters Are Just Like The Taliban, also, MN School Principals Sign “De-Centering Whiteness” Pledge
Michelle Malkin: Return Of The Fleebagger Democrats
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, Here. Here It Is.
Outkick: Stephen A. Smith Still Lying About White Privilege & Tim Tebow, also, Jaguars Release Tebow
Power Line: More Voodoo Epidemiology At The CDC, also, The Incoherent Biden Administration
Shark Tank: Possible Corruption At Florida GOP Could Threaten DeSantis In 2022
Shot In The Dark: This Is Today’s DFL, also, Lie First, Lie Always – Career Epilogue
The Political Hat: Scotland, Where Toddlers Are Transgender & Crayons Are Trans-Color
This Ain’t Hell: Another Echo Of Saigon Seen In Kabul, also, Is Taiwan Next?
Transterrestrial Musings: The 25th Amendment
Victory Girls: Afghan Reporter Pleads For Her People, But The Left Is Silent
Volokh Conspiracy: The Irrepressible Myth Of Jacobson Vs. Massachusetts
Weasel Zippers: Administration Flack – No Plans To Rescue Americans Trapped In Kabul, also, Pentagon Has No Answers On Any Plan To Destroy Materiel Abandoned In Biden’s Withdrawal 
The Federalist: NIH Director Admits Kid Masking Rules Are Based On Rare Anecdotes, Not Data, also, Biden’s Disappearing Act Isn’t New – It’s How He Became President
Mark Steyn: Nice While It Lasted – Two For The Seesaw, also, Dead Superpower Walking

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