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First, A Word From Zilla

Posted on | September 8, 2021 | Comments Off on First, A Word From Zilla

— by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Received in e-mail late last night:

Hi, Y’all. It’s Zilla.
I’m out of the blog game due to things I got no time to explain.
I am reaching out through the ether because BOB BELVEDERE (The Camp of the Saints TCOTS) is getting ready to join our dear Amusing Bunni on the other side.
Bob is at the end of a very long and brave battle with cancer. It is in his brain now. He is still the same guy we know and love but he does not have much longer.
I firmly believe it is better to honor our friends who are dyeing while they can still see and feel the love.
Bob is a happy warrior.
A true patriot and indefatigable fighter for Freedom & Individual Liberty.
Plz pray for him, contact him while he is still here, and spread the word among OUR people.
I’m hoping we can give Bob an Irish Wake while he is still here to enjoy it.
I am asking you all to honor Bob and show him all of the love while he is still with us.
We do not have much longer.
Please & thank you.
Mare (Zilla)

Pour one out for Bob, guys and gals of the commentariat.


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