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In The Mailbox: 09.07.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

The King of Knights is tied up at the moment…

Red Pilled Jew: Conspiracy Theory + Time = Reality
357 Magnum: “The Best Lack All Conviction”, also, The Gun-Hating Left Will Swear They Need More Laws
EBL: Willard Scott, RIP, Rolling Stone & Rachel Maddow Busted Over Fake Ivermectin Story, and Happy Rosh Hashanah! Shana Tova!
Twitchy: Biden Says All Our Electricity Will Be Generated With Zero Emissions By 2020, also, NBC News Says Classrooms Have Become A Political Battleground, Looks To Randi Weingarten For Comment
Louder With Crowder: Rose McGowan To Hillary – “Here Comes The Bomb”, also, Las Vegas Teacher Accused Of Taping Mask To Child’s Face
Vox Popoli: An Induced Economic Coma, Prove The Damages, and Means Vs. Ends
Vaccine Impact: COVID Shots Killing, Crippling Teens In Record Numbers
Stoic Observations: You Don’t Care About AI


Adam Piggott: Australians, It’s Time To Refuse To Be Socialised
American Conservative: Can The Right Fight Corporate Power? also, Progressivism As Camouflage
American Greatness: Biden Surrendered To The Taliban; The GOP Must Not Surrender To Biden, also, The Failure Of American Leadership
American Power: New Jersey – God Have Mercy, also, About The Climate Change “Consensus”
American Thinker: American Education – Rotten From Top To Bottom, also, What If Intel Officers Were Asking The Questions At A Biden Press Conference?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye Blue Monday, also, Animal’s Daily Californey Recall News
Babalu Blog: Coast Guard Has Sent Back 35 Cuban Refugees This Past Week, While Cubans Suffer Shortages & The Health System Collapses, The Communist Regime Invests In Hotels, and NYT Inserts Pro-Regime Content In Op-Ed By Dissidents
BattleSwarm: A Short Video History Of The Holodomor, also, YouTube Suppressing Any Mention Of Ivermectin
Behind The Black: House NASA Budget – Billions For “Infrastructure”, Not One Penny For Lunar Lander, Ingenuity Completes 13th Flight, and Today’s Blacklisted American Documents
Cafe Hayek: Hayek & The New Orleans Saints In One Missive, Economics Circa 1820, and Eradicating COVID Is A Dangerous & Expensive Fantasy
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday, also, The Fall of Kabul – A Complete Death Of Hope
Da Tech Guy: The Military Personnel Crisis In 2023, A Sure Sign The Connected Elites Are All Out Of Afghanistan, and Report From Louisiana – The Soros District Attorneys Are Killing Our Cities
Don Surber: Democrats Keep Arming Our Enemies, Professor Wants White People To Kill Themselves, and The Spoiled Brat Left Gets a Comeuppance In Texas
First Street Journal: The Unintended (?) Consequences Of Going Woke, also, Philadelphia Sports Writers Might Explain Philly’s Murder Rate
The Geller Report: Lost Ballots In Three States Exceed Biden’s Victory Margin, Video Of 240 Democrat Operatives Dumping Thousands Of Ballots Into Georgia Drop Boxes In The Dead Of Night, and “F*** Joe Biden” Chants Erupt At College Football Games
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Bennu Is A Hazardous Asteroid, and Messier 96
Hollywood In Toto: Time’s Up Implodes As Celebs Flee Disgraced Womens’ Rights Group, also, The 16 Best Horror Movies On Tubi
The Lid: CNN Guest Suggests “Federal Abortion Force” Could Operate In Texas, also, An IMPORTANT Rosh Hashanah Message To The Gentiles From The Tribe
Legal Insurrection: DOJ Retreating From Defense Of Biden’s Anti-White Racial Preferences, Southeastern Louisiana U Guts School Newspaper Budget To Pay For Two New Title IX Staffers, and Teacher Justifies Injecting Her Leftist Political Views Into Teaching History
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, A Holiday Weekend Post
Outkick: College Football Fans Declare Independence From COVID, Notre Dame/FSU Game Full of Drama, and The [Hated] Yankees Collapsing After Another Devastating Loss To The God-Awful Orioles
Power Line: Axe The Honor Roll!, COVID Deaths This Year Higher Than Last Year, and Goodbye To Coal? Not So Fast!
Shark Tank: DeSantis Dismisses 2024 President Talk As “Manufactured”, “Nonsense”, also, STOCK Act Complaint Filed Against Wasserman-Schultz
Shot In The Dark: Location Location Location, Feeling Strangely Scientific, and This Is What “Building Back Better” Looks Like
STUMP: Social Security – Benefit Terminations & The Trust Fund Running Out
The Political Hat: Woke Banking
This Ain’t Hell: People Biden Apparently Didn’t Leave Behind In Afghanistan, Calgary Man Charged With Posing As A Soldier, and Another Five Are Known
Transterrestrial Musings: The Kardashian Butt, also, The Journalistic BS Detector
Victory Girls: Mark Milley Interview With Jen Griffin Goes Pear-Shaped, State Department Bad At Everything Including Lying, and Panjshir May Fall To Taliban With Pakistan’s Help
Volokh Conspiracy: The Media Falls For Viral Hoax About Ivermectin ODs Straining Rural Hospitals
Weasel Zippers: Biden’s Chief Of Staff Admits They Have No Plan To Evacuate Stranded Americans From Afghanistan, Now It’s A Hostage Crisis, and Free COVID Unemployment Money Ends Today – Back To Work, Slackers!
The Federalist: Archbishop Cordileone – It’s Not Political, Catholics Must Fight Abortion Like They Fought Segregation, also, Rand Paul Vindicated! Fauci Funded Red Chinese Gain Of Function Research!
Mark Steyn: The Girl Can’t Help It, Defeat & Dishonesty, and Subterranean Tone-Sick Blues

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