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In The Mailbox: 09.29.21 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Vox Day notwithstanding

Red Pilled Jew: Quick Takes
357 Magnum: Women & Minorities Embrace Self-Defense – Leftist Stereotypes Hardest Hit
Ninety Mils From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box, Episode #1490
EBL: Whip It
Twitchy: Terry McAuliffe’s Comments On Who Shouldn’t Have A Say In What Schools Teach “Should Frighten Every Parent” 
Louder With Crowder: Pelosi’s Brain Turns To Mush, Forgets Who’s President, Says They’ll be Voting On The Obama Agenda This Week
Vox Popoli: The End Of Avoidance, also, And Which God Is That?
Gab News: Building Technology To Power A Parallel Christian Society

Adam Piggott: The Death of Doctors, also, Do Not Succumb To The Black Pill
American Conservative: Why Aren’t Men Going To College? also, It Looks Like We Forgot
American Greatness: Democrats Repeat The Mistakes Of 2016, also, Marine Officer Who Demanded Accountability From Pentagon Leaders Thrown In Brig
American Power: Red China Plays Hardball To Get Back Arrested Executive, also, Krysten Sinema – The Enigma At The Center Of Democrats’ Spending Talks
American Thinker: Does Biden Believe That Laws Should Only Be Observed Selectively?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Dog Trade News
Babalu Blog: Dissident Cuban Artist Forced Into Exile In Poland Speaks To Press, also, Cuba’s Socialist Revolution – Over 70% Of Families Must Survive On Less Than $4/Day
BattleSwarm: What If There Was An Austin Shootout & Nobody Noticed? also, Supply Chain Disruption Update
Behind The Black: Red Chinese Long March 3B Successfully Launches Satellite – Which Immediately Fails, UK’s New Comprehensive Space Strategy – Develop A Robust Private Sector, and Today’s Blacklisted Americans
Cafe Hayek: Asking “Why Don’t You Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?” Is A Test Of Legitimacy
Da Tech Guy: Report From Louisiana – Bouncing Back After Ida, Musings About 7-0, and I’m Old Enough To Remember
Don Surber: 54% Of Black Parents Want CRT Removed, also, We’re Preparing To Bomb The Hell Out Of Afghanistan
First Street Journal: Killadelphia Passes The 400 Mark, also, Another Capitol Kerfluffler Pleads Guilty
The Geller Report: Sports Fans Aren’t The Only Ones Ramping Up The “F*** Joe Biden” Chants, also, Trucker Blockade Developing, Ohio Highway Patrol On Notice
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, Moving Back To The Third World?
Hollywood In Toto: How To Feed Your Sopranos Fix After Many Saints Of Newark, also, Insane Clown Posse – First Amendment Heroes?
The Lid: NY Governor Hochul Says God Wants Us To Get The Jab – Did They Talk On The Phone?
Legal Insurrection: Legal Insurrection Now On Telegram, also, McKenzie, Milley, & Austin All Confirm Biden Received Recommendation To Leave 2500 Troops In Afghanistan
Michelle Malkin: What Every Parent Must Know About Pfizer
Nebraska Energy Observer: Manhood & The Green Knight, also, Lupus Tenebrosus, Chapter 8
Outkick: NBA Players Continue To Reject League’s Jab Mandate, Dez Bryant Blasts Colin Kaepernick For Creating Awareness But Doing Nothing, and Sexual Assault Charges Against Don Lemon Finally Going To Court
Power Line: Joe Biden’s Free Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner, Chamber Of Commerce Tries To Rein In Democrats It Endorsed, and New Frontiers In The Whopper
Shark Tank: Mucarsel-Powell Endorses Janelle Perez For Congress
Shot In The Dark: Prophets Of Manufactured Rage, also, When Reality Is Absurd, Parody Is Impossible
The Political Hat: Adoption Is Racist Now
This Ain’t Hell: Marine LTC Who Went Viral Speaking Against Biden’s Bugout Arrested, Tuesday FGS, and Update On Slapped Sailor Incident
Transterrestrial Musings: Biden’s World
Victory Girls: Democrats Sending Country Off A Fiscal Cliff, Republicans Finally Unite
Volokh Conspiracy: City-Organized Veterans’ Parade Can Exclude Confederate Flags
Weasel Zippers: WH Defends Biden Banning Horse Patrols Based On Lies, also, Autistic Green Jesus Babbles 
The Federalist: The Texas Heartbeat Act Is Saving 100 Babies Every Single Day, Americans Are Done With Biden’s Pandemic Incompetence, and Media Outlets That Called Hunter Biden Laptop Russian Disinformation Ignore Confirmation It Was Real
Mark Steyn: A Greasepaint Medley, also, Lost In Translation

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