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In The Mailbox: 10.05.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

What we should all be saying to this quack.

357 Magnum: Cybersecurity Awareness Month
EBL: The Return Of Protein Wisdom
Twitchy: “A Deliberate Attempt To [Intimidate] Parents From Showing Up At School Board Meetings”, also, Thousands Of Fired NYC Teachers Have Something To Say About Joe Biden
Louder With Crowder: About Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen…
Vox Popoli: Globohomo Fears The Tradwife, Red China’s New Nevsky Film, and Too Late To Shout “Stop!”

Adam Piggott: State Of The Zoomers
American Conservative: The Political Economy Of Dystopia
American Greatness: Canadian Doctor – “Something Malicious Is Going On”, also, Hundreds Protest Against Joe Biden In Michigan
American Power: Kyle Seager’s Last Game With The Mariners, also, Illegals Terrorize Sen. Sinema
American Thinker: Politics In The Case of LTC Scheller, also, Sopranos Sequel Goes Squishy On The Sixties
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Climate Change News
Babalu Blog: The Abundance & Prosperity That Oppressed Cuba Before Socialism, also, Cuban Baseball Team Returns From Mexico With Half Its Players & No Medal
BattleSwarm: The System Is Down…The System Is Down…, also, Is Red China Getting Ready To Invade Taiwan?
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, Russia Imposes New Restrictions On Roscosmos Reporting, and 2018 Blue Origin Review Suggested Changes That Weren’t Adopted
Cafe Hayek: Behind & Beyond Even Accurate Statistics
CDR Salamander: Japan Back In The Carrier Game
Da Tech Guy: Report From Louisiana – Bare Shelves, Cui Bono, Black America? and One Sentence On The Social Media Crash 
Don Surber: Red China Takes Over Bagram, Democrats Succeed In Making $3 Trillion Spending Bill Look Small, and “I Am Not An Oppressor”
First Street Journal: The Blood Keeps Flowing In The City Of Brotherly Love, also, They Can’t Handle The Truth!
The Geller Report: NIH Director Frances Collins Resigns After Gain Of Function Lies Exposed, also, George Soros Is Behind Harassment & Intimidation Of Senator Sinema
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, I’m So Old, and Buchanan’s Second Term?
Hollywood In Toto: Could David Chase Crush That Perfect Sopranos Legacy? also, Pitbull & Tom McDonald Shred Rising Anti-American Voices
The Lid: Biden’s Nominee For U.S. Attorney Rachel Rollins Lets Criminals Walk & Wants To Override The Law
Legal Insurrection: Bad Orange Woman Lies Again That Massive Spending Bill’s Cost Is Zero, Red China Hit By Worst Power Crisis In A Decade, also, Facebook & Leftist “Whistleblower” Want Congress To Censor & Regulate Online Speech
Nebraska Energy Observer: COVID, SCOTUS, & Nebraska Neighborliness, also, A Murderous B***h Gets Confirmed
Outkick: Video Shows WNBA Players Involved In Wild Parking Lot Fight, Sage Steele Won’t Listen & The Media Doesn’t Scare Her, also, MSNBC In More Trouble Than CNN
Power Line: Merrick Garland Threatens America’s Parents, also, Stalking Sinema – The Biden Variations
Protein Wisdom: On COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines & Shedding
Shark Tank: DeSantis Condemns Administration For Targeting Parents
Shot In The Dark: This Oughta Be Good, also, Damn You, Ron DeSantis!
The Political Hat: Mind Your Own Business Act – Government Wades Into The Woke Work Wars
This Ain’t Hell: Thief Steals American, German Flags, Hoists Confederate Battle Flag Over 2nd ACR, Negligent Discharge Navy Style, and LTC Scheller Freed
Transterrestrial Musings: MIT Abandons Its Mission, also, The Aging ISS
Victory Girls: FB Whistleblower Is Not Your Friend – You Know That, Right? also, Sonic Employee Berated By Trans Activist
Volokh Conspiracy: The Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin Can Be Minted “Within Hours”, also, A Disinvitation At MIT
Weasel Zippers: Minnesota Middle School Stops Handing Out F Grades To Fight Systemic Racism, also, FBI Conducts Early Morning Raid On NYPD Union HQ
The Federalist: Private Employers’ Jab Mandates Are Destroying American Lives, also, “We Will Remember What They Try To Cancel”
Mark Steyn: A Hero & A Hoot, also, Haram Beard Trimming

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